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Insight about the nature of emotions


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After reading some of Esther's book Ask and It Is Given and doing some emotional awareness based meditation I've received these realizations (I took note on that right after the meditation):


Emotions: The intuitive yes/no to the experience, the relationship to the experience (thoughts and perception, basically what you are focused on). It manifests as sensations.


This insight has been received only after some time meditating and contemplating. I had to strengthen my intuition, and by that I mean recognizing it more and more to realize it plays a big part in my everyday experience.


The emotions are also called vibrations by some people, indicating your relationship to this experience which consists of a variety of thoughts and meanings you give it. Some thoughts and meanings have a very similar vibration (emotion) to your general vibration (emotion) you are experiencing now (can be slightly off or slightly better, more whole).

By allowing the slightly better feeling thoughts and meanings, your relationship with the experience becomes better, and you feel more connected. At Joy, you are at the peak of experience and fully connected to yourself.

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I was having the thought "I would like to experience more emotions other than the good ones like Joy. I feel like life would be boring if I'd only experienced those good emotions on the scale. I would like to experience a variety of emotions as well as anger, revenge, frustration..." And little did I know... - this thought actually felt good.. wtf. I have realized that the concept of being angry, wanting revenge, being frustrated, this variety - feels very uplifting. Perhaps the actual experience of these emotions won't feel as good, and most likely won't cause me to be thinking in this way as right now. Very cool and twisted lol, I can't believe I feel optimistic about the concept of experiencing the lower emotions. Damn

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Yeah right. Let's add to this madness:

If thinking about the concept of fear (scenarios that are considered fearful like horror movies, getting bullied, or even snakes), and it feels quite exhilarating - it feels quite good! (this is an example)

On 4/28/2022 at 1:45 PM, Mandy said:

Fear of feeling bad, feels bad.

And also the (positive) anticipation of feeling bad, feels good. OMG lmao

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Interesting how this clears out the distinction between concept of emotion and actual emotion. Concepts run freely, free to think about anything, and the actual emotion experienced is but only relative to you, not anyone else, but you. This gives the room to massive acceptance. This insight ceases judgement towards oneself. Judgement of one's own thoughts are beliefs and ways you see them to be true - the meaning, what is 'acceptable', how you 'should' respond to it. But... the truth is that you may be some crazy mf (sorry lol) who feels Joy imagining swimming with sharks, and someone else can feel fear, and say it is more 'acceptable' and normal in society to feel fear - but it ain't matter - those are judgements and beliefs, not the truth of what you actually feel about this thought.


It takes a great deal of shedding off judgement on the thoughts. Many people keep reinforcing what is sane and what is abnormal, what is acceptable and what you should avoid. Not always telling you explicitly, but you easily adapt to those ways of thinking, subconsciously.


This is freedom... Ain't it?? Zero judgement about my own thoughts. I can still give meaning, I can still decide on principles to run my life, but I do them in regard and in intent to feel good, to feel true. Ain't it liberating?? It is so fucking simple - Be where you are now, and let the thoughts that feel more relieving, more true, relative to you, to arise.


I think I kinda nailed it.


By the way, I gotta give some credit to Frank Yang, for showing me an 'absurd' perspective about this whole path. He is very wise and one psychotic of a man 😂, which inspired me to contemplate freedom and see the bigger meaning of it. But of course, most of the insight was me going through experience and seeing for myself.

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