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Ayahuasca Retreats


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Just over the past few days I've become interested in attending an Ayahuasca retreat sometime in the future.

I've tried small doses of DMT which have peaked my interest into exploring it more deeply. 


Was just wondering if any of you have attended an Ayahuasca retreat, and if you'd like to share a little bit about your experience. Or even if you've just explored DMT, I am barely scratching the surface.

Any thoughts about the topic are appreciated.

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I have done it a few times. Mostly been quite difficult experiences both during the trip and for a period afterwards. I think i was having too high expectations of just becoming magically free of all my "problems", so that might have added to the bad feelings i went through in the weeks afterwards when i felt quite the opposite for a while. It was still great experiences and i've always come back stronger and more clear than before, but be prepared to give yourself a little time afterwards to process and integrate. The tips i can give is just simply to focus on your breathing (something i always tend to forget myself, but it can be so helpful if it gets tough) and surrender, let go completely. Also don't have any expectations of what it will do for you. 

If you are someone who meditates and have some awareness on breathing i think that will do wonders for you. I didn't have those tools as i do now when i did most of my ceremonies. I will also do it again in the future, and i think i'll be able to handle it differently now since practicing that for that some time.


Hope to hear from you if you decide to do it 😚 

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Thanks for sharing. 

The idea about going to Peru and having the traditional ceremony just feels so interesting. 🙂

I'm still pretty young but if I go in the future I'll update ya. I probably need to be a little older. (although the shamans were probably drinking it as toddlers)


@Adeptus Psychonautica 

Really nice video! Sounds fkn awesome and deep.

Does Ayahuasca feel different to you than regular DMT, aside from the duration and nausea?

Do you feel that the experience of doing it in the jungle with shamans adds another dimension? I can't imagine just doin ayahuasca in your loungeroom would be the same. 😄

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@Celestial yes it is a different experience, although it has some characteristic overlap.


The main difference is that ayahuasca is much more physical and emotional than pure DMT. There is the notorious body load which often leads to vomiting or diarrhea, and it has a much longer duration.


The narrative during the experience tends to be more organic and mystical on ayahuasca, as opposed to the alien sci-fi of DMT.


I’ve done ayahuasca analogues at home and the experience of doing it in the jungle really is something else. Even if you took ayahuasca out of the equation then visiting the rain forest sober is the trip of a lifetime, but combined with a substance that makes you feel connected to every living thing in the Amazon - well, what can I say… its amazing - hence why I keep going back.

My YouTube channel - Adeptus Psychonautica

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