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Combinations of emotions.


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So recently I noticed that in some situations there will be a habit or a way of acting that isn’t serving me. And that behavior is happening because many different emotions are contributing to it. It seems to make things much more complicated and it seems really easy to overlook.


for example someone was tailgating me today and then when they had to go a different direction than me they honked at me. I got angry and I wanted to do something. When I got home I felt the anger but something still didn’t feel quite right. And then I realized that I couldn’t let go of the anger in that moment because blame arose with the anger and I didn’t see it. The blame being thoughts about how the anger felt is that other drivers fault so if that’s not seen then of course the anger will stay. Because it’s definitely not my problem. It’s that guys fault.

And I’ve noticed this in other situations too. It seems like the most sticky emotions, or the emotions that come up over and over, the issue is often a bunch of different emotions are tied up together and it makes things much more complicated.

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34 minutes ago, Mandy said:

You might think thoughts that are all over the place but it's still only one at a time. 

Yeah I’m not sure, I may be over complicating things. It does seem like emotions can sometimes arise so close together and be so intertwined that it becomes harder to deal with. For example I believe that in order to do violence toward others, it’s a combination of emotions. Not just anger, but also blame, helplessness, and probably other ones I’m not thinking of.



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1 hour ago, Phil said:


First & foremost - that’s some top shelf introspection sir. Beautiful. 


A thought / interpretation can be met with a mix of emotions. Sensation too. Like the interpretation ‘hangry’. 

For sure man it definitely a feels different. I’ve been noticing with certain habitual behaviors it’s like a conglomeration of emotions all wrapped up together. It’s cool to dispel these things though. I’m feeling hopeful.

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