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I can Feel the Left/Right Side of the Body so Distinctly

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Weird thing that's been going on, but the left/right side of the body operating distinctly. 


I have no idea if this is normal or not 😅


Like the left side feels more dense while the right side feels lighter, maybe the left/right brain are harmonizing?


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I would suggesting checking out the exercise I shared in this thread https://community.actualityofbeing.com/topic/107-the-mechanism/



Whenever I expirence that, this exercise helps balence out the awareness. It might do something similar for you. 


It's actually a common thing to happen to meditators, the awareness being different on each side. I feel it does have something to do with the brain hemispheres harmonizing. 


Wish you well 🙏

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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@Mandy same here! My left side is the receving end of pain haha.


i think its beautiful as it only points more to the source.


Source is like hell yeah, yin yang, love hate! 


The energetic polarity exists in the body too, I like how it forms a helix shape like DNA, ever notice that? Like we are giant DNAs. The left brain handles the right side of the body and vice versa.


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It’s ‘normal’. 🙂


When there is renewed sense of direction and determination, the right side lightens.  Then the left side might feel heavier, from the right side lightening. 

Any kind of nourishment will lighten the left side. 

That could be via food, generosity / selflessness, or even just mindfulness in a mantra manor. 

Like bring the thoughts to mind meditatively…  ‘I am nourished’, ‘I am nourishing’ for a couple minutes. 

You’ll probably feel the left side tingle & energy move into the right side in a balancing, grounding and good feeling way. 




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