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I was watching this video early today & it really caused a lot of deep reflection. 

In the video he talks about a enlightening expirence that happened to him where he discovered there was a discord between thinking & emotions, and he does a pretty good job of explaining it. 

@Philsuggested he might be connected to the vagus nerve. Which  makes a lot of sense to me. The vagus nerve is very important for calming the body, and returning from a flight or flight state. 

There are a lot of exercises that can stimulate the vagus nerve, two of the big ones are belly breathing, and eye stretching. To me stretching the eyes is like clearing stuck awareness out of the head so it can return to the belly merge with breathing. Uniting breath and awareness, a powerful energy 🏄‍♂️

Watch the video, maybe you can find the mechanism he is talking about for yourself? 🤔

What is thought? & What is emotion? Do I really need to be feeling my thoughts? Or just feel what is so? 

I hope you use this to help start an inquiry into the nature of the forces that drive you! ❤

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Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Here are some morning thoughts about this, and a vagus nerve exercise that I do often. 

I remember I used to refer to this knot around the back of the head as "the Great Knot" as it felt as if it was associated with the formulation of a sense of seperate self. Vagus nerve exercises work directly with unweaving this knot, it seems it might be the same thing as the mechanism he was talking about it the video.


Here is the vagus nerve exercise,

After holding the eyes in a direction always return to looking forward and get your bearings again. 

Start with doing belly Breathing, and try maintain the breath in the belly well doing the exercises


The exercises is called the Salamader, the basics of it are you look either all the way to the left or right without moving your head, you hold looking in the direction until you notice a sign of relaxtion (Usually takes 30 - 60 seconds), a sign could be yawning, a sigh, or a slight swallow. Do this for both sides and now you have the basics down.

Half Salamander:

Now to do this exercise you do the same thing, but after looking in the direction you tilt you neck either direction without turning your face away (Face is always forward). You should get a bit more range of motion in your neck stretching the eyes and tilting the neck as far as you can comfortably go at the same time. 

So there are 4 different position, neck  tilt left eyes left, neck tilt left eyes right, neck tilt right eyes left, & neck tilt right eyes right. Always return back to just looking straight after doing a stretch. Hold the streaches for at least 30-60 seconds. 


Full Salamander: 

The full exercises is the same thing you just doing it on all fours (In a cat-cow like position), and then let the tilt of the neck tilt down the length of the spine. 

It is important that your head and pelvis are in a neutral position when doing this, do before starting it is good to tilt the head up and down to find the best position. You want the neck to be lined up with the rest of the spine. 

80% of the vegas nerves function is to send information about what is actually going on right now from the body to the brain. The insight the guy had in the video was that he didn't need a mechanism for feeling thoughts at all, it was seen as serving no useful function, so it was dropped. Thoughts are see as thoughts, and one can just feel what is so. 

Let go into the flow of the Breath, it blows past your ears, walking down the path. 


Let your awareness pool into the belly, supported by the Earth. Getting your life force to move from the center of mass is very important for effortless interaction with the world. 

Let me know what you think if you end up trying the exercies, or what you think of the mechanism the guy in the video is trying to explain 😊

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Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Looks like he is back talking about self-realization. ☺️

Where I don’t feel I agree with him that it is purely secular. I do feel he has got a lot of good context around what self-inquiry/ self-realization is. 
I would say that there is a secular component, mainly around seeing that a belief is not actuality. Though I feel what doesn’t get noticed as much is there is an energetic feeling component, which is more around reintegrating unconscious mind-body connections, embodiment. 

There can be a lot of Peace/ Non-Dual Abiding even before the seeming process of embodiment. Like the body-mind is taking a big breather before it gets down into the the work. There is a powerful cycle I see that involves working with self-inquiry/ self-realization & somatic-inquiry/ trauma healing, switching between the two. I find it more intuitive & secular.  
I feel there is a way to combine these inquiries together so that we don’t use realization to hide from healing, or healing to hide from realization. The Process is there. 
Sometimes it is good to focus really hard on one side, sometimes balance. 

It is impossible not to be meditating.

What is already experienced, but not realized? 

The images and the words of thought are not past/ future. 
It is Now. 

Thoughts don’t end, just what you thought you were is seen to not be.

Self-referential loop.  

One of the big messages he likes is “You can’t actually think about yourself”. 
You can’t actually clap with one hand. 

Loneliness is the desire to connect. 
There are no monsters in the closet, it is just You. 

You already are yourself.

Endless Emptying.  

Questions are more important the answers.

What is the mechanism?


I don’t know, but there is flow. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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