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Beliefs, Useful Not True and the Matrix


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I recently listened to some podcasts with Derek Sivers who is talking most recently about questioning beliefs. I think he talks about it in such a fun and refreshingly way, so I thought I'd share the interview times stamped with his explanation of what this means. 



What statements do you hear, whether your own or others that are simply not true? 


It's funny, I started questioning the belief that it was hard to get medical appointments and hard to get construction work post pandemic times, and in one day yesterday I found a roofer and my daughter got in on a cancelation for her eye exam that we had previously waited months for. 

 Youtube Channel  

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@MandyNice thread.

When you say "that are simply not true?" you mean that its a belief right? As in nothing is ultimately true anyways.


Statements/beliefs that goes against what i want:


Apartments are hard to find in Copenhagen, and those that are not are super expensive. 

I am quiet.

I am not funny. 

Its hard to get booked as a DJ. There is a lot of competition.

I don't have enough money

I need to earn more money

Its hard/difficult to finish music

She was judging me

Other people are judging me

I am lazy

I am not good at telling stories

I am bad at waking up early

Waking up early is difficult


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