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A prayer to myself and others


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In my dreams and prayers, that's where my real life existed. In my spiritual power.

I was always that dreamy girl. I dreamed of beauty and kindness, of pure joy like a fountain. I dreamed of all things beautiful. Of positivity.


Cold water running through me like cold water..


To me words appear like symbols and symbols appear like words.


This world is not meant for me. I don't belong to such a fake world. Here people like each other because they want something. They want to use you and then discard you.





I don't want to limit myself to the material realm. I want to feel like everything and anything is possible.

Don't care if people hate you. The hate is on them because they are low class. They don't know how to value someone. You don't need to devalue yourself for them. If you value yourself, that's your key. That's your key to personal liberation.



This is how a sigma female is supposed to be thinking. Just don't care what the world thinks. Be your own.




Haters will always try to devalue you in whatever manner possible. Just don't give them an open opportunity. Learn to be clever with your opponent. Stop appeasing haters.




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8fmy9u.gif don't care about haters. 


8fmy9u.giflately  I have been experiencing some hate. 


8fmy9u.gifdon't participate much on the forum. It can get toxic. 





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I have decided to keep to myself as much as possible and not mingle much with the internet crowd especially with white people from western countries because my thinking and personality is not compatible with their culture and general behavior. 


Hate has no race. It exists everywhere. It has no gender. 


Learn to meet hate with self empowerment. 





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