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Other "people" are my creation and has no independent decision-making authority


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I am reading a book that was recommended here "Busting loose from the money game".


Its hitting on that the physical world is an illusion. The people who appear are there to "support" or make real your wanted dream in some way and they have no power unless it supports your dream. 


Quote from the book:

"As hard as it may be to believe, when other players appear in your "hologram" (experience, consciousness), they're 100 percent your creation. No one as any independent decision making authority in your hologram beyond what your Expanded Self (higher self) gives them through their "scripts" to support you on your Human Game journey."


I can see it being true to some extent. A lot of the people i have met i thought about someone alike before it happened. But this sounds like i can imagine someone acting in a certain way and that is what will happen. 


Also, why even be kind and honest if everything is just for me and is an illusion? Playing a game it can be fun to do wild-things to create some tension. 


What do you people "experience"?



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There's only synergy. There's no assertion, no power unless you ask for attract it, then it seems to be. Then what's attracted is clarity, lessons learned rather than a direct manifestation, that's the adventure. 


It's the most selfish thing to do things for others because nothing feels so good. Unless you think to much about it, in that case if you try to become someone who does things for others, you'll be doing it for yourself. When you know you're doing it for yourself because of how it feels now, you tap into that synergy, like being in on the planning of the surprise party but just as surprised. There's no giver or receiver when there's nothing. Just love becoming more and more and more because what would hold it back? 

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