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10 Things for 30 Days Appreciation Challenge


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Day 1


1. Wool. I love wool baselayers, wool sweaters.

2. I got to go skiing today. 

3. How patient my mom is with kids. 

4. Feeling good enough to do my routine at night, start the dishwasher, wash my face, put on some skincare something or other

5. That you can be aware that you're thinking about what other people are thinking and let it go. 

6. The lady pirate synchronicity today. Kinda wanna journal about  it later.

7. Time in the studio. That thoughts about work aren't it, and it's actually pretty awesome, and actually rejuvenating and I love it.

8. That my kitchen cabinets are mostly a color I really love instead of a neutral paint I got on sale 13 years ago that I thought was good because, neutral. 

9. Daring to offend some because you're passionate about a COLOR, metaphorically. 

10. The feeling of empowerment, clarity, alignment, expression. 



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Day 1


1. I appreciated my first Reiki circle earlier today. Intense experience but it was very interesting.

2. I appreciate the crystals i bought on an auction online. Reminds me of being a kid collecting beautiful things. Nitpicking them out. I love that. 

3. I appreciate the talk i had with my mother the other night. It seems like it was "the" talk. I told her how angry i was at her and vice versa some things, and it was perfect and we talked and listened to each other in a complete new way afterwards. 

4. My tarot deck. What a treasure full of insights for all the time i've known it. Love it. 

5. The people in the circle today. Everyone was so sweet in their own way. 

6. Oranges. I eat a lot of oranges these days. They taste to amazing always and i can feel that my body loves them also.

7. The thoughts that keeps appearing containing some idea of "me" acting in cool ways in front of people. I appreciate them. 

8. I loved the guy i was selling a pair of speakers to today. Came on bike and had almost nothing to carry it with. We made it work but it was cute and funny.

9. The apartment that i am renting 1 more month. It is so great. Love to chill and work in the living room.

10. That its getting a bit warmer and lighter outside. Today was really pretty and sunny. 

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Day 2

1. How my daughter reminded me that I had the idea and wanted to increase this by one everyday by coming over, showing me her drawing and accidently hitting the ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ key. 

2. The Andy from The Office clip that Phil has shared a couple times, already funny and the context is so fitting it's freaking hilarious. 

3. The purple velvet plant my reiki II teacher gave me. 

4. A circle shaped antique lockets with birds on it, it's on my desk and I don't remember why. Inside are little drawings my son did of him and his sister when he was little.

5. The relaxation found in that I don't have to know because I don't know that I have to know. 

6. How easy it is to see things when they are written out.

7. How words are like notes you play, and communication is composition. 

8. Having extra income to do fun things when you want. 

9. Knowing how easy it is to get in the flow of something, to get momentum moving. 

10. That I had clear roads to get groceries. 

11. How this whole thing is seemingly becoming more. 

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Day 2


1. That i took the bike back and forth from work. Very pleasant and calm ride in the evening home. 

2. That i bought the really beautiful wristband i was looking at since i saw it. Looking forward to get it.

3. The social interactions with people at work today was really great. 

4. That i scheduled the ceremony in 2 weeks time. Looking very much forward to that and appreciate that its possible.

5. The peace i feel today. Its like something subsided making space for something great. 

6. The mix i heard today on my way to work. Such a great mix and very inspiring.

7. That its so obvious there is nobody behind the thoughts. There is only the awareness of them. What freedom.

8. The book i started today. It sounds interesting so far. I will try to follow the instructions carefully.

9. The track i made, also quite nice. Will try to work on it tomorrow and try a new technique with a timer and just 1 hour full work and then break. 

10. That i spoke to the guy with the apartment. Looking forward to hear from him.

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Day 3 

1. The hot pink sweatpants I got on clearance. They're so bright they almost hurt my eyes and I love it. 😂

2. Family time tonight, making supper was fun.

3. How easily overwhelm turned around today. 

4. The feeling of being on track, productive. 

5. When you ask or say and so it is

6. The cushion, the space in having an emergency fund, or days to take off, or the feeling like you're ahead ow where you "need" to be, when need goes away and there's just fun, abundance, creation. 

7. How it's all just space. Nothing anyway. How f-ing perfect. 

8. How numbers and letters have their own character, everything has character and is literally called character, care actor. 

9. Longer days. 

10. How cleansing winter is. Brutally cleansing, but embodies everything purifying. 

11. How easy it is to do the hard thing, cause there aren't any.

12. The punch line of the joke my husband told tonight, and how instantly it seemed like synchronicity/ inspiration, "it's all in the way you say it." 

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Day 3 


1. That i am doing this challenge in bed. I appreciate the effort.

2. The music i made today. Some progress in how to just do a lot of stuff. Some will work some won't. Looking forward to listen more to that.

3. The pizza-guy serving my pizza was nice.

4. The effort the postman made when we couldn't find my package. He was patient and sweet.

5. How ridiculous and sneaky thought can be. Appreciate it 

6. That my sister got a new job. So happy for her. That is going to be really great.

7. The delicious smoothie i made this evening.

8. How the breath is so amazing to watch and focus upon.

9. How good y bed feels right now.

10. That i can sense special and good times are on the horizon.

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Day 4

1. Pamela Reif workouts

2. bananas that are perfectly ripe

3. Walking in the sun today

4. My heated jacket

5. snow

6. breathing

7. my neighborhood

8. How magic can't be explained

9. how expressive my daughter is

10. How the character can't take stock of where s/he is or what the situation is, because the author doesn't play by the rules of what's linear. 

11. Not holding back because nothing occurs that could be. 

12. The brass pitcher some artist neighbor selling her house convinced me buy at a yard sale because she said it was the perfect form to have on a shelf and how ridiculously right she was about that. How it looked SO out of place at the yard sale but as soon as I put it on the shelf, boom. 

13. This quote by Jung, "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."


How I didn't want to start but I don't want to stop. 

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Day 4.


1. The massage i had in the morning and the guy who did it. He was really great. Made me think everything happens for a reason.

2. The walk in the sun home afterwards. 

3. My colleagues at work. They were a lot of fun today.

4. My chili plants which are going to be replanted in 1-2 month ready for spring. Very excited for that.

5. The track i worked on today. Good inspiration and work flow.

6. The vagus nerve exercise i just made.

7. The paycheck i got today. Loving that.

8. The trust that everything is working out. No need to stress or worry about anything.

9. That my sister calls and asks for small favors even though i live far away, just in case i was in the neighbourhood. Love that.

10. That i have so many delicious things to eat.


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Day 5


1. The powder is bitchin' today.

2. My lower kitchen cabinets are almost finished being painted teal and I love them. 

3. My dad for all his help today and over the past 20 years with the various issues I run into with my torch setup.

4. My parents dog, he's black and white, one eye with a black spot over it, he rolls in the snow and makes snow angels but is also obviously part devil. 

5.  quote I saw, "yeah sex is great, but have you experienced the pure joy of not believing in hell anymore?" 

6. my husband's patient persistence this morning in getting his daughter an eye doctor appointment. 

7. how ridiculous and also dashingly handsome my dog's winter coat looks on him.

8. How I just looked at my dream board and realized how innocent "pot plant" was when I wrote it, but isn't going to be read that way. 

9.  Lemon balm. Better than pot. You can grow it in a pot though. 

10. My customer's enthusiasm. 

11. How I wiped the salt sand layers off my car lights and can see out of my headlights again and how satisfying that was. 

12. I love the sheer austerity of winter here, how badly it objectively fucking sucks, and how you get all these great paradisal things, color, ease of living, loooong days and stunning beauty in the Spring back and it's so new and blissful, and lose them again every year in a colorful as fuck grande finale display, it's so brutal and so awesome and I feel SO ALIVE. I LOVE THE WHOLE THING. 

13. Music

14. Not knowing what happens next. 




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Day 5. 


1. That my mother really appreciated the Celestine i gave her. I never connected with it but it was really beautiful and its amazing that it found her now. Kind of makes sense why i got it in the first place. I asked Tarot about giving it to her as i didn't want to put some bad energies in her house, but it was a very good read. She got really happy. 

2. Drawing the Sun card of the day and having a fantastic day. Great momentum right now.

3. Making quite a banger right now. Going really well with some of my music projects.

4. The feeling i have about finding a new home. I feel excited and curious whats going to happen. 

5. Glimpses of how amazing this whole thing is once more of the "self" is seen through. I can sense "things" are opening up in ways i had no idea was possible. 

6. How cringe it is reading old posts. I appreciate that. Hopefully its due to some growth having occured 😄 

7. Talking to my friend today on the phone. Appreciate that he called me.

8. That my sister is getting a nice salary from her new job. That will be amazing for the family.

9. Vernon Howard.

10. Going back and reading old threads. 

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Day 6.


1. It's Ibolc

2. The new tarot deck my husband gave me on my birthday

3. Working out in the mornings and how much balance it's brought to Fall and Winter

4. Having charged conversations and staying calm

5. How they're all angels

6. My dog

7. How much my daughter loves drawing. 

8. How nothing is ever really wasted

9. Taking the time to really think about what's wanted. 

10. Having weather forecasts

11. Cocreation

12. soup

13. Sleeping well

14. sweet potatoes

15. Katwise and how well she writes and shares fully in such a damn eloquent way. 

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Day 7.


1. I appreciate the vegan protein powders after working out, so easy and yummy.

2.  hot cocoa

3. How there's no understanding of where the word understanding came from https://www.etymonline.com/columns/post/superstitious-understanding

4. Making a decision and lining up with it 

5. Got a good amount of work done for the day, feeling prepared for the next event. 

6. How I wrote what kind of day I wanted to have this morning and got exactly that.

7. How moss looks on trees.

8. That the kids got to go sledding and play in the snow today. 

9. How fast the days are getting lighter. 

10. Generosity. 

11. How you don't have to receive any love back, just give it to feel clear. 

12. A clear slate. 

13. My favorite mug

14. How taking anything seriously/personally is non-obligatory. 

15. The kid's enthusiasm

16. How easy it is to focus on what's wanted. 




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Day 6. Very late.


1. How the event went today being us all 3 together. I connected with my friend and thats the most important thing. Anything else is out of my hands. I felt some things when being around her but the ice was broken and its all a step towards whatever is the best for all os us. We all manned up and thats great.

2. The girl i spoke to today. I was thinking about her a lot a few years ago and there she was and we finally connected. Could be interesting to talk more with her and meet her again. And knowing this is all energy and consciousness, its going to happen. She was real cute. 

3. How i seem to be closing stuck energies with people all around me. My mother recently and now an old friend who slept with my girlfriend many years ago. I didnt care about it at all anymore but was feeling a lot of love in the moment and he decided to talk about it and it just felt like another thing going full circle.

4. How much i am in love with what is happening right now. So great. Things are happening the way they are supposed to, no doubt about that. I have a lot of faith (yes i do, im holding it in my hand!) and it feels amazing.

5. How thinking about my mother feels different and aligned and wholesome after our talk. I can cry and i really see her now. She has done her best all ways. Okay maybe im a little drunk.

6. The orange i am going to eat and the smoothie before going to eat. 

7. How awesome alignment feels. "my" movements are different, i speak louder and it all just comes out naturally. Even though all these things challenges me i feel so grateful and i can see how all of the is just there to grow me. Even the situation with the girl today. At one point i was shying a bit back and feeling some stuff but remembered that its all just more of the same and its just another thing to grow out of. Its love showing me the freedom i am going for. So grateful for that.

8. The clothes i wore today. Looking great thaaaanks.

9. My good friend and his girlfriend and how we connected being out. 

10. How everything makes sense when you feel great. Just one important moment after the next. 

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Day 7.


1. My tarot deck once again giving brilliant and inspiring guidance. Love it.

2. The pasta i cooked. 

3. Feeling inspired to draw print for the label t-shirts. I have some great ideas right now. Looking forward to that.

4. That work got cancelled. Was nice to be able to relax during hangover.

5. Water and tea. Liquids are so amazing.

6. The Jeff Foster laughing video. So fkn hilarious. 

7. The music that i found, and the peace while searching for it. Very nice session.

8. I feel more powerful than ever.

9. The drunk writing yesterday, lol. Was feeling very happy.

10. The area that i live in. Great nature to walk in.

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Day 8


1. Constructive criticism 

2. Being open to new ways of doing things

3. Just walking

4. Tried using a balance ball today with core work, was a huge but fun challenge

5. Good communication

6. Inexplicably having problems just go away without trying to fix them or address them head on

7. Looking at things in a totally new light.

8. Momentum of ideas and clarity

9. How hope is an emotion and not a plan

10. How there really aren't separate selves and what a RELIEF that is.

11. How if it's not a relief, it's just a plan of hope, striving after the water in the desert, and not avoiding disappointment is the water of life

12. How just having your eyes open is already a ridiculous level of vulnerability, yet also is your protection so you don't walk off cliffs

13. How there's so many different varieties of apples it's like each is a different fruit entirely. 

14. How you never really know what anything is

15. Himalayan salt lamps

16. My husband cooked tonight

17. Progress on my kitchen cabinet door painting project. Lower cabinets are all done, yay! 



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Day 9


1. Thyme. Putting it on everything lately.

2. Time.

3. How dog's feet smell.

4. Warmth

5. How cheap and convenient bananas are

6. Exploring how I can save time taking pictures for my work. 

7. The new octopus design I've been making.

8. A productive day. 

9. The gorgeous sunset tonight.

10. That it's somehow still light out at 5:00 again. 

11. The absolutely incredible free library of knowledge and entertainment on youtube. Blows me away everyday. 

12. The joy of sharing. 

13. That I have Mom's pizza crust memorized and it makes such a cheap and not difficult meal that makes the kids happy. 

14. The quirky character in this house, the old and the new. 


16. How there's no shortage of thriving. 

17. How the vortex never ends, the good music never stops popping up, the song you never heard before, you're always and forever faithful yet falling head over heels in love. 

18. All the charge without the sting, how you can't love sad songs and be saddened by them. 

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I forgot yesterday.


Day 9


1. That i got up early, did a short work out and meditated. 

2. How i feel so much better actively doing things.

3. The food that i made at work today. Very delicious.

4. My meditation session

5. Drawing the strentgh card.

6. Green tea

7. My pants

8. The girl that i wanted to cut my hair - i met her last friday and ill make an appointment with her next time 

9. The drive i have for creating and pushing stuff forward with the label and my SoundCloud.

10. Ideas for making t-shirts

11. My two (almost) finished new tracks. 

12. Being done with work for today

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Day 10

1. How gala apples have this almost vanilla flavor. 

2. I got to go swimming 

3. Fresh fruits and veggies in the house

4. Went into a discount shop and found just what I was looking for. 

5. Excitement about work, new ideas. 

6. Took a risk with a new type of glass and it worked out amazingly. 

7. Cashiers who are enthusiastic and happy

8.  Michelin studded snow tires

9. My mechanic

10. Being able to set my own hours for work

11. Being able to interact and form relationships with my customers

12. Pyrex glass straws, throw em in the dishwasher and tea won't stain your teeth

13. Got a youtube video filmed to edit and out  up this week. 

14. All the projects I'm enthused about. 

15. intention, or to be more specific what Abraham Hicks calls segment intending, whatever you ask for the the day or the next segment will be done. Takes the work out of it. 

16. I bought my kids some circus peanuts to try(which most everyone hates I figure) because I always loved them and they both really liked them too. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? 😂

17. Getting out of the house in Winter.

18. Mom is going through old photos and sharing the best when I visit and they are wonderful

19. Laughing with mom today. The kid next door was over playing with my kids and he let the dog lick his face for 5 solid minutes which we told him he shouldn't do, then a minute later he caught the dog drinking out of toilet. 

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