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Crystals and healing/manifesting?

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How is your experience with crystals and all the "abilities" they posses? Is there any truth to that? Why would they have something that a rock from the street doesn't have? If so then everything has more or less healing properties. Is it all just beliefs?


I am starting to have a few, and I would like to believe they do , but its mostly because they are pretty and interesting to look at. I always loved collecting pretty things as a child and i feel bit drawn to collect more crystals. 


What do the wokesters say?

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Do they work? Yes.

Is it something to be used as a means of getting your life back together? No.


Crystals are very gentle and subtle in their energies.

And if you don't perceive crystal's 'energy' the moment you hold it in your hand or even look at it then it means you have better things to work on (i.e., cleaning up your diet, thoughts, emotions, body, detox...whatever).


What's different from a rock from the street is their composition, mineral structure, and the way they're formed obviously. That being said your usual rocks still have their own 'energy', just as crystals do, and are great for 'holding' energies and as such are very often used in shamanism.

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