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Managing, handling, healing, fixing emotions


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Not sure if I'm the only one, but for so, so long I've been assuming that experiencing "bad emotions" is bad, that it means something about me or my thought-process is wrong and needs to be fixed, or it will coming back later.


The assumption might seem like:


"I'm experiencing pessimism and boredom. These emotions are bad and I will not attract what I want if I don't rise in the emotional scale. I must now get rid of this place of vibration. I must now do work to get aligned, do activities like meditation, expression, "feeling it fully", contemplation, better diet etc. If I don't do the work, the thought-patterns will not be healed and will come back later."


"If I don't fix/heal it now, it will come back later."


"If I do not fight this compulsion now, the unhealed pattern will not be healed and will come back later."


Sound familiar? I'm actually curious to hear if this is a "common" belief/assumption.


Anyways, recently I found that these are actually, literally just beliefs.


Before when discord came up, a battle came with it. It seemed so urgent, to change or heal something about myself so that the unhealed discord wouldn't come back later and that I could finally be healed, fixed and have the life I want. Hearing about LoA actually seemed to make it worse... Before discord was just discord. After believing LoA, discord meant "you will not get what you want if you do not heal this problem".


Similar interpretation might come with beliefs about trauma. Like there is a healing journey from trauma, where you gotta do healing work and healing activities, and if you don't, it will not be healed and you won't get what you want from life.


But another way is starting to come up. Seeing that the need to fix, heal, do emotional healing work, even rising on the emotional scale is just a belief/assumption, a very different, even kind of "radical" vibe arises. There is a returning to awareness here and now. It's like you hit the brakes. Totally new energy starts to flow from within. It's very peaceful. Words really do no justice, so I'm not even going to try.



There must be an effortless way.

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I'm going to call it Snufkin energy. Don't know if any of you are familiar with the The Moomins, but Snufkin is this cool mysterious wandering dude who lives in a tent, plays the harmonica, and is just generally in tune with all, like a Taoist. Probably one the best fictional character in any fiction ever. I'm not kidding.





There must be an effortless way.

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Of course, there's nothing wrong with any emotion. It's okay to feel anything, as long as you feel it (i.e., feel it when it is actuality, don't create this 'unwanted' emotion).

Feeling good all the time is unsustainable unless you carry a good aspects notebook on yourself at all times or something similar. I prefer being okay with anything I feel - so having enough focus to organise my energy - doesn't get better than meditation to help me achieve that.


Traumas are very tricky, it's useful to learn about fear, shame, and apparent separation and see how it plays out in your life. Usually traumatised people are fish swimming in the water, not seeing the water, especially in the case of shame.

Healing comes through very quickly in my experience when you uncover and own aspects of yourself that need some light and love. I've seen lives change in a few days/weeks in a way no one would believe is real. Chronic conditions, syndromes, fatigue, and pains can go away in a matter of minutes or hours after being experienced for a lifetime. Fun stuff.

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