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Are discord and harmony two sides of the same coin?


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How do discord and harmony fundamentally differ from one another? If harmony can bring peace and collective growth then discord can stimulate growth through rebellious thinking. For growth you need both homogeneity and criticism. Homogeneity is the fertilizer. Criticism is the pest control. We need both our agreeable and shadow aspects. A friend who tells you that you are right helps you stay on the right track. A friend who tells you that you are wrong helps you find alternate ways to reach your destination. 

Who is wrong? The answer is nobody. 

Both when practised in good faith, accuracy and precision, will bring forth desired results. 


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So basically I'm an autistic INFJ BPD sigma Pisces female with anger and CPTSD issues. Wow wow. 

My plate looks full. I Couldn't have been weirder than that. Now I get why I'm so idiosyncratic. 

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On Discord vs./and Harmony: This is where I suggest a paradoxical or better yet multi-sided mind.  I prefer to think of a wobble between the  Cosmos vs./and Chaos duality.  Cosmos is Masculine — it’s the understandable ordered whole or Truth.  Chaos is the disjoint, mysterious, happenstance Feminine or Magic.  So there’s a “working with” (not always peaceful) between the Truth vs:/and Magic wobble which we might call a Marriage between the Masculine and Feminine.  And then a third node in the network is Transcendence, forming a working with or wobble or interplay of that triality (or 3-node network or marriage).

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Discord points to how a thought feels, or, suffering. (Attempting to align feeling with thought.)

Harmony points to experience, appearance, what life is like if you will…  as thought is aligned with feeling.


Harmony can’t bring peace; peace is appearing as discord, alignment and harmony. 


Discord can’t stimulate growth.

A kink in a hose doesn’t stimulate the flow.

One doesn’t get to where one wants to go in a sailboat by blocking off the wind. 


Think of growth as synonymous with appreciation.

The notion anything whatsoever is needed for growth is discordant; whereas appreciation feels aligned. 

The underlying discord is that of the separate self of thought, which needs something to grow. 

A weed is best nipped in the bud, lest it grow into a philosophy which accommodates it.


Consider emotional maturity / emotional intelligence. The notion that discord (suffering) contributes to growth is actually suppression of emotional guidance. Emotional maturity is otherwise naturally occurring. Conditioning is the addition of beliefs, discord, suffering… the kink in the hose, the blocking off of the wind (guidance). Harmony is likewise already the case… yet can be encumbered by discord, suffering, suppression.


The unfettered inner experience of emotional guidance, of emotional maturity… is the outer experience of synchronicity, and revealing of real magic. 


Not metaphysical.

Not transcendent. 

Not beyond this.

Simply this, as is, already. 


Shadow aspects aren’t needed; need is a shadow aspect. Preferences naturally arise; all is possible, you are the creator of your reality. 



In spite of any ideologies, philosophies, teachings etc… One must be honest and look at one’s life, or feel one’s vibration, as they’re actually One in the same. One does not know another’s experience, nor possible suppression, from which such ‘suffering is useful’ ideologies, philosophies, or so called teachings arise.


"When the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."

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