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Projection: the attribution of one's own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects


Have you ever actually directly experienced other person's thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, intents, motives, values or biases?




Other people's thoughts, emotions, beliefs, motives etc. have never been directly experienced.


There are only thoughts about them.


Like for example, you might have thoughts about thoughts, beliefs, values and motives Donald Trump is having.


Though there is no actual experience of Donald's thoughts.


Another example: where's the line between two thoughts or perceptions Trump is having? Where does Trump's thoughts transpire, literally, in space and time? What form do they take? A circle, a cube? Are they 3D or 2D?


Is there any actual experience of borders between Trump's thoughts or perceptions?


What is that border really?


It's just thoughts.


Isn't it silly how we just assume that there really is something like Donald Trump's thoughts in space-time?





It's like imprisoning others and yourself into separation.


There must be an effortless way.

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Have you ever actually directly experienced other person's thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, intents, motives, values or biases?

You can sort of through body language, speech, and words.  It depends on how we're defining direct experience and that may not even relevant.

I can read people very well actually.  The more information I have to go on the better and the more I can directly observe them the better.

I think this is an area where people kind of over-intellectualize things and lose it (lose other parts of intelligence at play).  You don't need to know the atomic structure (or knowledge of much else at all really) of a particular doorknob to be able to turn it and use it.

A good example of projection is when someone projects their shadow on someone else and you see them do that same thing!  E.g., someone might say I hate people who sell when they talk often -- and then you see this same person indulge in just over the top sales stuff and you're like "what a hypocrite!"  They want to tell you that you're wrong, but then they are doing that same thing bigtime!  That's a kind of projection.


I think another kind of projection is where you think others are doing what you're doing.  E.g., you're arguing with me!  Ok, well you're arguing with me!  Or e.g., you're in such a bad mood.  Ok, well what about your mood.  Examine that.  People don't want to say I'm arguing or I'm in a bad mood, they want to project the problem outward from themselves.

Here's another good example.  Someone who calls others devils but they act like a huge devil a lot.  Another example, someone who complains a lot about other people's conduct, but their own social conduct is awful on the regular.  You want to say to these people, fix it in yourself first!

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