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What is it like to grow older?


I'm 25 now and quite soon I'll be 40 and then 60 and then 80. Or dead. No-one knows I guess.


How old are you guys?


What has it been like to grow older / grow up?


Ever feel nostalgic of grief?


Do you ever really feel "grown up"?


You know, when your childhood / youth is over, it's over.


Feel what I'm saying?


My parents were young like me once. Now they're around 50. It just happens. You barely even notice.


I remember my grandparents were around 60. Now they're getting close to 90. Alzheimers etc.


Oh boy, right in the feels. Sad and beautiful and sad and beautiful and sad.


Seen the movie Titanic?


There must be an effortless way.

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As you get older having good habits seemingly becomes much more necessary to feel good, but if you keep that momentum of focusing  towards wellbeing you'll find that you're healthier and happier and more energetic than you were as a kid or a young person and you'd never want to go back. I see a lot of people that that's the case for even in advanced age, the age doesn't matter. I see other people that seemingly age eats away at them, but again it's not the effect of age, it's really just the momentum. 


I just turned 35, from here I see 25 as perhaps the very beginning of adulthood, early 20's are still adolescence with lots of development still occurring just not physically. I think we're beginning to recognize that. There's no point that you ever become an adult, just some gray area from age 16-25 or something like that. 


Alzheimer's is devastating for someone who identifies as what they know, and who they know and for family trying to relate to who they think they know, but if you don't do that and don't see relationship that way, I don't see how anyone would be afraid of it. Imagine a piece of art where there is a change of color to another, the transition can blend almost seamlessly or it can appear to be a harsh line. 



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