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How do cope with fucked up world events?

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Information (news) is a tool, use it wisely. Keep in mind that news stories share certain perspectives and make profit for the companies supplying and writing the stories by keeping you there longer. Stories are not solution oriented, which is a boon and a pitfall. When you're reading about events, take a minute to breathe and check in. The information is not helpful to the situation or for anyone if it sends you down a unconscious suffering spiral. Your Great Grandparents didn't have access to information all around the world, at their fingertips. Use this for peace (and your own inner peace is not separate from world peace). This is something profound to consider, and so easy to forget. What is often referred to as ego is simply the assumption that we are both more important than the guidance of suffering and too unimportant to put how we feel above anything else happening in the big bad "world". 

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It’s admittedly not really a means or way of coping, more of an allowing of what is. An embracing vs resisting. Not sticking my head in the sand, not denial, pretending, rejection or negating. Acknowledging aversion if & when it arises, and remaining present as openness, or open as presence, and allowing whatever’s arising to be felt fully. Though the mind offers alternatives, this is where what’s desired actually resides. In this case, peace. In many instances, happiness and love. 

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