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14 minutes ago, Mandy said:

@Jonas Long No, I've heard lots of people discussing  it though. Kinda misses the point of what she's saying in the clip she should be discredited as a whole as a teacher in this thread though. 🤷‍♀️

Maybe.  I get the whole it's the message not the person thing.  But I actually think people should know this stuff about her.  It's worrisome.  It's also a legitimately fascinating podcast on it's own.  It wouldn't necessarily be advisable to post videos of the handful of things Charles Manson said that were true without any context, or maybe it would, idk.  Maybe I should start another thread on it because I really think it's very worth discussing, especially here.

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Sure, go ahead. I think it's more dangerous to discredit or credit someone based on who they are thought to be as a person, because it's already based on deception. I think that assumption is the root of how cults, spiritual abuse/misleadership and giving one's power away or the flip side, persecution, begin. I am the shame and I am the blame. I think it's of great benefit to any spiritual community or any community at all for that matter that we start to talk about the particulars of what's said by someone and not the credit or discredit assigned to person themselves. 

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