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This is the correct way for most Men to understand sexuality and "success" with Women

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This advice does not apply to all males, but a lot of this advice is needed for a lot of young males out there.


I see a lot of young scheming all types of techniques and perspectives in how to get the most sex experiences possible and attract as many women as possible. I also see this men have in common that is everything is always about them, and about critizing the women or putting them at a place of a pure object to use and take advantage of.


A lot of them also seem to have this kind of fantasy or mind attitude of trying to have sex to feel good about themselves or feel "macho".


All of this perspective will hurt you, (and is hurting you, although you can not see it). This type of understanding sex and women is deeply toxic and you are making a big mistake.


I suspect this type of perspective comes from several places, one big of them probably is religious background, and the damage this religions have produced on society and the psyche on a fundamental level.


As a male, if you want to really be successful in life, what you want is to change completely this focus and let all of this become about her. Only have sex FOR THEM. Only have sex for them (women) to have actually a great experience and one that they will be come out of it empowered, not feeling used or like they were taken advantage them.


Forget completely about the whole "what about me??" Motto. Just forget about trying to have sex or casual success with Women for your sexual achievements. This is sick and this is not what a Powerful men is. Go have sex only for her. Only if she will benefit from it. If not, don't have any interest on sex. 


If you have a girlfriend, is the same. Only have sex when she she really wants it and FOR her. If for some time or because of certain circumstances is better she does not have sex, absolutely you won't want to have sex. Because remember, Sex is a biological process, is not something you as a male build an identity around it like a compulsive creature. You should be arriving for creating and cultivating acts that are beyond survival compulsory acts. Not trying to use sex as a way to fill your traumas and entangle yourself more in the dream, in physical identification, and in fake love mechanisms of the ego .


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