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Listening to Music While Tripping?


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What are your thoughts on this? 


I've decided to do 3.5 grams of shrooms soon (in like 2 days) and I'm thinking of listening to tame impala for some of the trip, I think it'd be fucking awesome. 


How does music influence your trips?


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30 minutes ago, DMT Elf said:


Electronic stuff is always a good choice. I've tripped listening to Alan Walker stuff a fair bit.



2 minutes ago, fopylo said:

Dude did you ever take shrooms before?

If so, why did/do you take them and how does it help you in any way?

Hey, yes I've taken them before a few times, I also have done lsd and dmt. 


I take shrooms to have a fun inspiring experience, I find they're very refreshing, they kind of reset my whole body and vibrational momentum. 


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