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Do intellectual tasks make you worse at socializing/dating?

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My career is extremely intellectually challenging and I love it. However, the job is very lacking in social experience. I'm worried that I'll become more logical and stiff mentally instead of feelings and going with the flow, lost in concepts rather than being in the present moment. Think Sheldon cooper from big bang theory.

Since I'm single and looking for a social circle, sex and relationships, I'm worried that all this high level symbolic reasoning might be detrimental to my goals. 

Am I overthinking this? and if not, what can I do to balance out my mind? leaving the job is not an option as this is my dream job and potentially my life purpose.

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If it's your dream job and you love it and you're in the flow, inspired, enthused when you're doing it, it's just as attractive as being the lead singer of a band, or a man in uniform, etc,. Maybe not every woman, but for one that you want to attract. Doing what you love and are passionate about IS attractive. There is no criteria it must meet first to be attractive, it's about the way you feel, which then attracts.  Look into the history of Tesla, he drove women absolutely crazy. 😆 When you're doing what you like careerwise, it makes hobbies even more engaging and fun, if you want hobbies that are more extroverted in nature, do those, it's not an "either/or" question, it's "hell yes, and"

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2 minutes ago, spiritual dreams said:

Ok then I guess I am receiving the guidance of worry then.

It’s always telling you that you don’t have to - by how it feels. 


7 minutes ago, spiritual dreams said:

They are the same thing 😅

But yeah, doubt is felt.

‘They’ are the same in that ‘they’ are no thing, but not quite the same experientially. Doubt is not found in life. That conceptualization of emotion is the overlooking of emotion, which is a not-receiving the guidance of, which is essentially denial (though there’s no one ‘in’ denial, just like doubt isn’t ‘in’ life.) What you’re saying in you op is that you want to feel more and conceptualize less. This is it, and it has nothing to do with what job anyone has or doesn’t have. 


Guidance helps point out discordant beliefs, like lack, becoming, high level, and more. 


What’s wanted, as far as ‘having enough energy’, feeling great, etc… is alignment. 

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