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I stumbled upon  this yt channel where people talk about their NDE’s and I was fascinated enough to share it with you. They talk about their experiences with death (or the illusion of death) and what they got out of it regarding life and consciousness. Of course their experiences are very subjective and shouldn’t be taken as fact but it is interesting how all of them have similarities or experiences which are similar in its essence. Many of them got into spirituality after that and their insights about truth, god and reality reflect what is talked about in spirituality without them having been involved in or read about it before. My dad itself had a similar experience when he was my age.
give it a try.




the channel

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Might sound odd but I never started a spiritual journey. Hadn’t heard that theme or framing honestly. I was just curious. I started meditating every morning around 27 years ago for the well being of it, because psychology / psychologists / therapy & medications didn’t ‘work’. More of a ‘curiosity killed the cat’ story here. 

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