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Thoughts on David. R Hawkins Consciousness scale?

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Interested to know people's thoughts on this scale and I have attached it to this post. It goes up to 1000  and apparently non-duality is 670 and it is possible to go higher. 


Why would someone make a scale like this. Non-duality indicates that everything is one and cannot really get much more complete than that.


I am interested in knowing people's opinions as to why someone would go about making such a scale like this and David R Hawkins does seem to be conscious and he has some great books for spiritual growth. 


I just don't really understand the whole scale thing of 0-1000 and non-duality being at 670.


Apparently full consciousness is 1000 and you enter the 12th dimension 🤣. Wonder what that will be like lol


It's kind of like conceptualizing consciousness


Is it selling consciousness? Would he of just made the scale to simply make money out of it? as he wrote a whole book about it also. 


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David Hawkins is great. I wouldn’t concentrate too much on the scale and his calibrations. I have read 2-3 books of him and always took his calibrations with a grain of salt, especially when he talks about spiritual teachers and their consciousness level. 
But maybe he’s right.. you just don’t know. 
He was obviously a wise man.


I think the general representation of the map is good. 
Obviously it’s should be seen as an aid on the spiritual path and not the truth itself.



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