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The oxygen advantage and the problem of over breathing

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So recently I read 2 books about breathing which I highly recommend.


The Oxygen Advantage


The basic premise of these 2 books is that humans have forgotten how to breathe properly, and dysfunctional breathing is causing many problems for us. Both physical problems and mental problems like insomnia and anxiety. The main problems are mouth breathing and over breathing. Humans are supposed to breathe through our noses at all times. Even during hard exercise. The main problem with over breathing is that it the amount of oxygen we are able to utilize is related to carbon dioxide levels. When we over breathe we get rid of too much carbon dioxide.


It is complicated and there is a lot more to it so below I linked a page where someone goes over the main points that are important.



Just from my short time experimenting I can say nose breathing and trying the breathing exercises in Oxygen Advantage have been game changers.

I feel like my workout are getting better and better.


Also I’ve noticed anxiety is really tied to breathing. I don’t want to oversimplify but I think that all chronic anxiety is just a breathing dysfunction that can be solved through learning to breath properly.


Would love to hear if anyone has read these books and tried out the exercises and concepts. If not I highly recommend reading them.

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