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4.5 Gram Mushroom Trip


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I think this was one of my strongest trips of all time, definitely in the top amongst my other experiences.


I took 4.5G as the title says, did it alone at home (I was home alone) in the form of tea. 


I know it might sound crazy, 4.5 grams alone?!! Allow me to explain:


I took mushrooms yesterday at 4:40am, I had gotten a batch of shrooms from a friend that were 2 years old but they were stored very well. Yesterday I took 3.2g and the trip was pretty mild and left a lot to be desired so I figured the potency mustve been low since the shrooms were so old. 


So this morning I woke up and had the temptation to take a slightly higher dose, since I took 3.2 grams yesterday and felt mild effects I figured by slightly raising the dose I'd get just a slightly stronger trip with maybe mild visuals. 


Heres where shit got crazy. I made a slight change in how I prepared the mushroom tea, this time I added 4.5g to the boiling water and then set it to simmer on the lowest temperature, when I did it yesterday I left it on a higher temperature (I cranked the knob to number 3-4). My theory is that yesterday I actually burned off most of the psilocybin by leaving it on a higher temperature, and that the mushrooms had never lost their potency lol! 


I then finished preparing the mushroom tea, went in my room, and drank the tea pretty fast, I finished it in 5 minutes probably, I just downed it LOL. I had no fear because I thought it would be a mild trip. Now lets get to the trip!


I finished drinking the tea and went to take a shower. I was so excited while showering to start feeling effects, suddenly the textures on the walls began to get more definition, textures on glass started changing. I finished my shower fast when I started to notice these visual changes. Once I got out of the shower to change I could see the definition of textures becoming more intense. 


I put on some clothes and started to feel the effects come on quicker, I was really shocked because it felt nearly identical to when I did DMT a few months back. If youve done high doses of psychedelics maybe you can relate, its like this tribal feeling, everything has an aztec vibe to it, everything feels more primal. 


I got to the point where I started getting overwhelmed by the effects, I dont really get too many visuals from mushrooms or psychedelics weirdly enough. Maybe theres others here who can relate but when I take psychedelics the visuals are more of a secondary effect, they're more on the periphery. Primarily on high doses of psychs reality just becomes intense and more real/raw to the point where its overwhelming. 


I was shocked because when I did tripped before at lower doses the effects were more "cloudy" if that makes sense, this time it was so alien and sharp and otherworldly. It wasnt like some listen to pink floyd and watch shit wiggle territory, this was way more alien. 


I started freaking out, I laid down and started seeing intense closed eye visuals and visuals with open eyes, the visuals looked like If you rubbed your eyes hard. 


In the center of my visual field there was this energy force wiggling (just like on DMT!). 


Everything felt so real, I didnt want to see this, it was too much!


When I had my eyes closed I could feel the mushroom communicating with me. All these closed eye visuals came up and I was being filled with a bunch of cosmic data that was overwhelming and didnt make sense. 


"We didnt come here to hurt you, we came here to help you.".


I said fuck that and got up outta my bed and was like "oh shit, im gonna be THAT guy, the guy who went to the hospital for being too high!". I pulled out my phone to  call my mom, I was tripping so hard and I was home alone and there was a lot of fear. 


Then I shifted the thoughts that arose " Wait... Its all in the thoughts, I can change how im thinking right now, I can do this.".


I got up and put a blanket around me like some kinda wizard robe and started walking around my house with my hands together like I was praying. I began breathing in through my nose and out my mouth as it made it easier to control my breathing and I felt better instantly. 


I was releasing so many emotions, and when those emotions were released all that was left was endless Love/Bliss/Gratitude. 


I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror and told myself Im doing a great job. I was nearly in tears from doing that, I often beat up on myself, but I actually patted myself on the back during this deep trip.


I realized that all the seriousness imposed by people didnt feel good and was ironically the cause of all the serious issues we have on this planet like wars, world hunger, etc. So ironic, billions of humans believing life is a serious matter and in that they create a world with serious problems. 


I realized life is really for fun and Love. 


I realized the number 1 passion I have (and I think everyone has this too deep down) is to help others feel this Love/Bliss. 

Inspiring thoughts came up about our planet in the future with humans who embrace Universal Love and live for no purpose other than spreading the message of Universal Love/Bliss.


Thats all that matters, think about it. All you really want is to feel good! It doesnt matter whats happening, its all about the feeling of bliss, no matter what. 


At around the 3 hour mark the effects began to mellow out and I started to investigate Infinite Awareness. 


I realized that Infinite Awareness is always prior to what it is appearing as, so the only way to be fully immersed in it is to stop trying to be immersed in it. 


Theres infinite awareness, then thought springs out and tries to go back, to go prior, failing to see that IT is the elephant in the room, IT is the one obscuring the Infinite Awareness. 


The effects fully wore off at the 4 hour mark, I felt good and made myself some healthy oatmeal with fruits and honey. 


A couple hours later I was like AAAHHH Fuck it!!! And watched porn and ate some crappy food lol. 


I had a wonderful experience, and saw how powerful and alien shrooms can be. 


My takeaways are:


-I know what my purpose is now, to be in tune with universal love and to help others find this love within themselves as well. 


-Im gonna begin a daily meditation routine and stick to it.


-One of the final "Hindrances" on my path personally is impulsivity, I will find a way to allow cravings and unhealthy behavioral patterns to settle and wither off. When a craving arises, I will fully accept it into awareness and feel it deeply!


-To allow infinite awareness to be unobscured, the key is to stop trying to find infinite awareness and let thoughts settle. 


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@DMT Elf thank you! It was really deep but honestly id do it again lol. Im gonna take some time of course. 


Idk if this is just me, but do you notice how your clothes match the color of furniture or the walls wherever youre tripping?


That happens to me a lot when I trip. 

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@DMT Elf oh, thats fine. Everyone has a different experience. 


It always happens to me, like I put on a white shirt, blue underwear, and grey sweat pants, then during the come up I saw my bedsheets were white, my pillow was blue and my blanket was gray lol. Idk, I notice stuff like that. 


Also, I find making mushroom tea a really effective way to intensify the experience, if you drink the tea fast (within 5 minutes) you'll reach the peak 45 minutes in, thats what happened to me at least, I wouldnt recommend it for some people though. 


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On 11/6/2022 at 9:21 PM, Orb said:

Idk if this is just me, but do you notice how your clothes match the color of furniture or the walls wherever youre tripping?

Reminds me of being on LSD well I was staring at a floral patterned yoga mat. The flower pattern started going up my legs, and everything else in the room. One million black holes annihilated everything which got swallowed into just Being.  

No bliss greater then just Being.


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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@James123 what's the highest dose you've taken? 


I'm gonna take 5.5 grams this Saturday morning. 


My tolerance should be pretty low after 6 days of not tripping, I have a fast metabolism so I should be in the clear. 


I normally wait 2 weeks between trips but this is a rare time that I'm home alone this week so I'm taking advantage of it.

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7 hours ago, Orb said:


My tolerance should be pretty low after 6 days of low tripping, I have a low metabolism so I should be in the clear. 


I normally wait 2 weeks between trips but this is a rare time that I'm home alone this week so I'm taking advantage of it.

If your tolerance is low be very careful. Because when the dose gets higher craziness get higher too. As you say in your trip “i am gonna be that guy who went to hospital “. So whatever the fear comes on surface it is your so called inner demon.

7 hours ago, Orb said:

what's the highest dose you've taken? 


I took 10. But eating fresh lemon and dark chocolate. Lemon and chocolate makes it way more crazy. The trip last 24 hours. But this is not something like you watch porn after that, I changed my personality change in 24 hours. I felt like my dna changed. I couldn't eat for almost 2 weeks lost 20 pound. But I was about to suicide, so I surrender everything and anything I have (I died anyway lol 😂😂😂). I was an so called insane person for at least 2 weeks my movements, talks etc was everything crazy. So be very CAREFUL what you are doing. If you ask me now, breathing air has no difference than consuming 100 gr dried shoorms because all is ONE ☝️☝️☝️ if you are not ready for the outcome don't do it. This ain't a joke. 

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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@James123 wow very intense thanks for sharing. Yea what you did is called lemon tekking,  although I've never heard of people mixing if with dark chocolate, it is and maoi inhibiter if I'm not mistaken so it prolongs the trip. 


I wanna take a bunch of shrooms and just stay untangled from thoughts, just observing everything. 


As for the craziness, I'm fine with it, as long as there's surrender all is well. 


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