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Practical Solution to Laziness

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I have had an issue with productivity and laziness. 


I've received some advice to just feel good and then do it but I don't think this is realistic at all. That just sounds like an excuse to not initiate a task until I feel good/motivated. Basically adding a condition that must be fulfilled until I actually do something.


I think there is something true in just getting stuff done whether you feel good or not. 


I realized that you really don't have to do anything to be more productive, you just gotta build up the muscle to actually initiate tasks.


I've seen guys who eat crap food and are way more productive than me, and I think it's because they have stronger initiation muscles. 


Sometimes I feel this forum can get too spiritual-bypassy and practical stuff like discipline is ignored for just LoA type stuff. Maybe I'm projecting? I better not be! I don't think so. 😡🤔😌


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Set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and focus on the task then take a 5-10 minute break. (Pomodoro technique)


You need to let yourself get into the flow state of focusing on something by letting go of thoughts about why it's too overwhelming or uninspiring, or why you can't. Setting a timer often achieves this. Don't get waiting for inspiration mixed up with entertaining discordant thoughts resisting what it is you want to be doing. It's not about gaining discipline but just letting go of thoughts saying "I don't wanna". 

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@Mandy I think it's a momentum thing.


If I start the day off getting tasks or jumping in the cold water as you say, then a positive momentum builds productivity-wise because I know that I'm capable of completing tasks. 


If I start the day off and procrastinate, there's a reverse momentum where I don't wanna do anything and the more I don't do anything the more I believe I never get anything done.


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