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I am angry and revengeful


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2 hours ago, Mandy said:

Write it out or express in another safe way, and reach for discouragement. 

@Alexander  If what’s meant & felt is I’m feeling angry & revengeful I agree, express discouragement. Can be as simple as every damn time I end up angry I inevitably end up discouraged / back here, feeling discouragement. 


If ‘I am angry and revengeful’ is meant & felt as actually about you, I’d start at whichever emotion in the black & grey feels most triggering in & of itself. Whichever emotion there is the most resistance to acknowledging & feeling, express that to diffuse it. Takes the resistance / suffering out of the mix. Then express each on up the scale. There’s no wrong way to do it, and it yields insights every time you use it. 



It can be helpful with anger to establish a go to plan or place ahead of time. That could be anything from using pressure points to relax before it escalates to having a specified sitting area to be alone, relax and breathe allowing it to come & go. It loses it’s punch & speed soon from doing so. I did a lot of that, and also a lot of physical expression / release like exercise, speed bag and heavy bag. 


Also very helpful in terms of nipping anger in the bud before it’s enraging… counting while breathing. Slow 4 count on the in breath and slow 8 count on the out breath. It brings all attention to the body and again, no resistance this way. It also helps in ‘owning it’ which brings even more clarity to what’s triggering the anger and what changes can be made, or what can be processed so there is no anger anymore. 


Writing a letter (not sending it) and or ceremoniously burning the letter afterwards is powerful in letting go. Forgiveness is always really for you. So’s blame. 


Grounding in the body, perception and sensation is ideal. Even if the anger arises and passes, it takes some of the intensity and sting out of it more & more each time. 


This section in meditation is multifaceted and ideal for processing anger fully…


This is also imo highly effective. Just reading it early in the morning sets a certain perspective in place, oriented to less seriousness and more lightheartedness, ease and enjoyment of whatever arises in the day. The writing is absurd & ridiculous. It’s hard to take it seriously or hang onto much seriousness. 


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@Alexander That's perfect. Sometimes we get stuck in a lower place on the scale on a certain subject. For example if money is a bad subject for us, dropping it entirely or focusing on something else that is going much better is going to make you feel much better, but often if money comes up again, we might dip right back down to where we were. This is where journaling and using the dreamboard can be really helpful. That sore subject is really just a subject where we are giving more focus on what we don't want than to what we DO want. 

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Every one experiences frequency & severity of anger differently, so it’s all normal in that it’s relative. 

The important aspect is recognizing anger can’t be solved per se, only allowed to dissipate and subside. The more that’s allowed, the less time it takes each time for it to fizzle out. 

Then it’s about seeing it in action, as it arises, and relaxing and breathing instead. Taking pause. Then from the experiences of observing it, understanding how it’s created as not to continue to create & experience it in the first place. 

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