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Just so happy for this dude! Was does it say about Me?


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Man... I've been in love with this man's music for years already, and he also released not long ago an original album conducting a band.

I just watched his livestream he did with the band members, and his personality is just amazing and I love and respect the way he treats those people. Man, everyone loves him. Here's the livestream:


The way he explains every piece he wrote and the meaning he gives them is truly amazing and wonderful - a very whole album, like I feel he really won it and it is a gem! Also the way he concludes stuff and says thank to everyone... It all somehow reminds me of myself for some reason.

I used to be very jealous of this guy, but I won't get into it now.

I feel like I've had some success in my life, but in the sense that I felt that I'm the main character in my life, appreciating as much as I can, complementing people, lifting people up, wanting the people I hang out with to do well and win in life, in feeling and living amazingly. The way in which he thanks everyone at the end and concludes everything in such a structured whole way reminds me of the way I like to appreciate things - having an amazing time and then at the end thanking the people.

It reminds me of the birthday party I had at my house for my 20th birthday in which I invited all the friends that were (and still are) a part of my life at different phases, more like we took part in different times/phases. So it was nice seeing all those friends together (even though some were foreign to the other, but they got along pretty well) and I enjoyed seeing all the people I'm close to in one space, damn. After each person left I literally accompanied each and every one, so to thank them individually for coming and that I'm glad they came and that I hope to keep in touch. With that, I concluded it in a wholesome way.


So back to this musician. Even though it has nothing to do with me and it is his huge project, all his appreciation feels satisfying and wholesome.. to me. Damn. It feels like I'm the one satisfied from the release of this album. How come? 

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