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How to let go of attachment (to thought, idea, desire).

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Because it's a universe of no exclusion (no duality) when you tell yourself "let go!", "don't think about that!", you are thinking about it. DON'T THINK ABOUT A PURPLE ELEPHANT. DON'T DO IT. It's funny when it's an elephant, not funny if there's a story about it being about an ex or an obsession or a "thing I can't let go of". You can turn your thoughts to something else instead, or let thought activity settle in meditation, or express the feelings through the emotional scale while journaling or through talking to someone. 



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3 hours ago, Gianna said:

Where does fixation come from?

Innocent & unavoidable misidentification. A discordant self referential belief. It’s kind of the price you pay for being the universe. Usually gets intensified from childhood, sometimes from a traumatic event, occasionally from both.


Awareness carves out an identity from experience by determining everything it is not, and indirectly therein creates an ‘identity’ about what it is. Then later there is the emptying of the ‘identity’ that never really fit or felt quite right, and self realization or remembering occurs, and it makes sense why seeking to feel better from objects, relationships, substances, self image or states never worked like inspecting the actuality of the situation does. 


3 hours ago, Gianna said:

Why can we not let go of desire? 

If you let go of the desire for objects, relationships, substances, self image or states you’d be infinite, whole, complete, happy, blissful and at peace with whatever is. You’d have ‘the best of both worlds’. One cannot simultaneously hold the belief one needs objects, relationships, substances, self image or states, or is lonely, shy, unworthy, lacking, etc, and realize the truth.

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