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Awe! 🥹🤗 No response needed. Hope you’re filled again with spirit very very soon. 


I’ve experienced the heartbreak of losing someone relationship wise as well as to croaking. In either case I really do feel for ya as losing someone is indeed rough and as they say ‘the first cut is the deepest’. What I learned a bit the hard way, is I never actually had them, and that I very much mentally attached the unconditional feeling that I am, to the having of, or time with or being with, someone else. The loss very much taught the love in an ineffable & most intimate manor.


I suspect the emotional fallout therein played a role as it does for many in the journey Home. It took some time to heal & understand but in hindsight, I learned to put my feelins stock only in that which is not transient, which is unchanging and which never comes and never goes. The body de-contracted quite a bit. But since, so to speak, never once has source let me down. It’s a bit like the back of my head, I don’t see it much if at all, but anytime I check sure enough it is present, and it is certain, and absolutely reliable without fail or exception. 


Now relationships are experienced a bit differently. Instead of the rollercoaster or ‘push & pull’ of temptation, desire or need, there is calm, understanding, patience, and much appreciation. The joy of allowing fully what is most worthwhile of giving has ‘filled the hole’ and much much more. I wish there were magic words for you, but of course here we are, and they all already are. From these experiences and what was found, I don’t think I could even express or emphasize enough the counter intuitive power of letting go and allowing. Everything is working out for you, though I know it may not seem so now. But ask within about this, and see what’s felt. It’s never even an atom away. Allow it in. Allow allow allow. Dare I say it… lightheartedness, laughter, joy and fun are always at the ready, always available. If I’ve learned anything at all, it’s to allow it, and to allow it now. Not to dwell, but to be a most swift allower. 


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6 hours ago, Gianna said:

I would love it if those who read this would share ways they have let go in the past. Either of someone or something. I am a bit depressed so may not respond, but I will be reading. Thank you in advance to those who offer their experiences. Love. 

For me just moving forward. I know much easier said than done but for me that looks like going to the gym, doing my normal routine stuff. Maybe some extra self care stuff like a massage or the sauna. Any kind of physical activity is good. And just more of that with time will heal.

Wishing you the best. You’ll get through it.👍

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