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You will never get through your fears


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No matter how much you "face it", no matter how much you toughen up, no matter how much you improve yourself or build courage.


You will never get through your fears. Not in this, or the next, or the next thousand lives. Not when you awaken, not when you ascend, not when you become an angel of higher realms.


You will never be okay with your fear, be it death, pain, loneliness, or any 'hard pill to swallow'. Because not anyone, enlightened or not, god-realized or not, ball tripping youtuber or not, would feel okay with it. It's because you are not supposed to. Because the thing you fear, does not exist.


The way to leave the fear behind is to see that the things are not real. Not by facing it, not by building courage.


Fear is not due to a you being biased, limited, not-brave-enough or anything like that. Fear is due to mistaking a stick to a snake. Anyone would feel afraid thinking the stick is a snake. And no-one would feel afraid seeing the snake is actually a stick. Not because they're better than you, less biased, or less fearful. Because they see it's a stick.




There must be an effortless way.

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