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How to Improve Meditation?


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When I meditate, I only feel relief during it, then after everything is back to normal.


I once had a long streak of meditating for 30 mins 3 times a day, but honestly I didn't see much of a difference except for those 3 times there was some relief.


Would you say maybe increasing the duration is better? Maybe meditating 1 hour twice a day? 


I also find 20-30 mins isn't enough, because it takes time for the mind to come to a rest and that just begins to happen near the end of my session. 


As for my practice, I find it difficult to stick to one, because when I sit on the cushion I can't tell the difference between any technique, sounds weird maybe.


Focusing on the I AM sense also doesn't make much sense anymore, seems like it's manufactured by thought. 


Then I tried do nothing, but everything is happening all at once. 


Tried focusing on the breath, but everything is happening all at once.


I mean I can't be the only one in this position, like everything is happening, thoughts arising, sensations arising and passing. 


I have adhd maybe that impacts my ability to meditate. 


Can I just sit down and exist for an hour?


Do I have to apply any particular practice? 


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I don't know if I'm doing any practice correctly, and no one else can know either, nor can they reassure me that I'm doing it correctly. 


I watched a video on YouTube that said that a common trap people fall into after stream entry is aversion to meditation, and that meditation 1-2 hours per day is the key to deepening into awakening until self realization. 


So I've given up on instant enlightenment. I just never know if I'm doing any of this shit correctly. 


I mean Jesus christ, I feel self doubt in every field of my life, whyd I have to count on spirituality out of every other field. I'm filled with self doubt and the one thing I'm counting on (meditation) is the one thing no one can give me reassurance on. 


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Info on technique & distinctions on different practices. 

5 hours ago, Orb said:

I'm filled with self doubt

You’re filled with the unconditional love you eternally are. You’re task is to be aware of judging. Not necessarily to stop it. Awareness alone is ample. There isn’t any progress, knowledge or information needed to feel the discord of doubt. Just have to connect the dots / recognize that’s what the emotion is & when it’s felt. Health & diet is way easier without doubting what you want will happen. It’s all very connected. Like how Kriya yoga is more or less the same as vocal warm up exercises… expanding the stomach muscles, control the outflow of air, and feeling the vibrational registers. Doing stuff just because you like it and want to is most powerful. Also all very connected anything and everything else you want. 

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I wanted to suggest Kriya Yoga too. 15 mins of KY exercises can throw you into a state of deep relaxation. Once you get used to ‚getting thrown in there‘, it‘s easier to expand the length of the relaxation one KY-session gives you, thus to carry that on for the rest of the day. Just like the emotional scale, it‘s a tool to let more of the love within in.  

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