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In a way, knowing that you want to, that you're sick of feeling that way is all there is to it. So congratulations. Seriously, I really, really mean that. 


Pay attention to how it feels to project on others, just notice how that habit feels when it comes up. Give thought to how you WANT to feel. DO NOT settle for less. Use the emotional guidance scale to help loosen up resistance to moving up the scale into other emotions. Know that when you feel bad you aren't seeing or judging situations clearly, and do your best to move up the scale before you act or speak to someone. 




Get out ahead of it. Find ways to express that energy that propel you forward instead of imploding or ways that are destructive to relationships or the things you care about. Instead learn to channel it for love and for what you want. When you do, you'll be unstoppable. It's ok if it's not smooth at first, it's like learning how to surf, or riding a bike or anything. Eating healthy, meditation, journaling, any intentional and healthy form of expression, a punching bag, or whatever workout or sport you love that works for you are all ways to get out ahead of it. 

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It’s tricky because it’s such a counterintuitive & paradoxical flip to see it clearly.   Aggression is inner world ‘what I can’t do & am not capable of’ expressed discordantly in the outer world as ‘what I can do & am capable of’.  There is no liberation more counterintuitive than the expression of jealousy as it quite magically turns what you think you don’t want into what you’ve already been feeling you do want. The willingness & transmuting therein is also paradoxical & counterintuitive in that it’s thought to be isolating but in the hindsight of the direct experience of expression it’s realized to be most connective because you are the creator of your reality. 



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