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Be gentle, kind, pure, soft, selfless,. Flow with the wind, breath the air fulfill your heart. God is the music, love is the music , music is god, air is god. Fullfillment is god. Feel the heaven, breath the heaven, smile while having the body, tell everyone lovely of your words, hug, cry from happiness, surrender surrender till nothing left. Be, be, just be. Touch the music, let it flow your body, feel the heaven. Forget about enlightenment, you are already are. Don't miss the opportunity, don't miss your life. It will come to end sooner or later. Live every moment of this heaven. Anger, agression has no place here. Love it, love it, LOVE IT. don't miss this opportunity, don't regret when the life comes to end. You always what you are, HONOR THE NOTHINGNESS, HONOR IT, EVERY MOMENT. WITH FEELING, BEING, EMBODYING THE HEAVEN. BONES TO BONES. HONOR THE NOTHINGNESS. 




"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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@Alexander Name calling is prohibited on this forum. 


By participating on this forum you agree to be mindful of & exemplify to the best of your abilities the following principles:


Lao-tzu, 6th century BC:

Reverence for life.
Speak with honor & respect, and never harmful words or intentions, for yourself, all others, and all things. Understand that when you judge, you feel the discordant projection.

Communicate with honesty & integrity, from the brightest and best of you. Be where you are, walk your talk. There is no expectation here that you should know anything you don’t, or be anyone, anything, or any way you aren’t. 

Communicate with kindness, mindfulness, empathy, and compassion. If you can not; utilize the suggestions & tools, specifically in regard to emotional expression & understanding, and healing therein, until you can.

Help, contribute, offer encouragement. Allow yourself to receive supportiveness: make use of the practices, tools, and insights you receive and exemplify them to the very best of your ability in your life. Care for and respect yourself & others."

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@Alexander No, don't fake it till you make it, express this stuff in a journal, or talk to someone. Or if you like, make a thread in the Emptying section with the honest intent to sort through this stuff, not just to put down everyone else. If you want to skype or IM, let me know. 


If you want to punch something, it's highly advisable that you buy a punching bag, or punch a pillow, or get into boxing, rather than just punching the first person's face you see. There are major repercussions for that and it's completely unnecessary. Treat your words the same way. 

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