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Remaining in Light? Who would? 
Open up to what is? Who would? 
When? Always.

You are as you are, nobody would, nobody could “Open up to, or realize the Truth”.

This would be like a hand 🖐 trying to clap itself, 

An eye 👁 trying to look at itself.


Remain as the Light remains, 

What is is You.


To still see ghosts,

It’s a real mind roast,

Once your done playing with shadows,

We can all have a toast 🍻

It’s all Real,

It’s all Dream,

The mind’s scream!




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All Good my man


(Except for there being no indigo heart emoji 😭) 😄


The 9 hearts are The One Heart, the 0 and the 1 that the 10th Heart Is. 
The light returns to Source. 


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The more aware you are of your own creative process the deeper it gets, the more intuitively it flows.


There was never a “Me that must surrender to what is going on” it was always just me creating creation, thought. Thought is reality appearing as itself, an appearance that is real, an illusion that is truth. 


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You’ll get obsessed with your own Realizations,

climbing over them again and again, 

Clinging to this me and that me,

All this stumbling you’ll eventually see,


Already is,

Searching is straying,

But don’t worry,

You won’t go far.

You Already Are. 


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8 is 0 and 9 is 1.


From ground zero,

To the One Hero,

Before and after,

4 is the Master.


Perhaps I have gone insane,

It’s all in good fun,

Just a paint stain, 

Of this ol’ artists Sun. 




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The thorn in your eye is the thorn in others,

More so the thorn is “other”,

Going around preaching some “truth”,

Blinded by the chip in your own tooth.


Love is just free, 

Boundless sea,

Drink the Tea, 

And See.


You poured it all out, 

But you forgot the anchor,


Meet your maker.


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Yeah, I have gone completely insane, but not time to go back, but go backwards-forwardly letting go of unconscious thoughts, illusion, hallucinations, and create consciously. Psychedelics will open you the fuck up but they will never ground you, a lot of people just seem to get blown away by them getting lost in grandiosity. Ah yes I want the best thing do I? Hahaha!

Infinite concepts, you can’t be right, because you could never be wrong.
It’s allright 😄




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Waking up in the morning I just wanna distract myself with something, 

So much pain it feels like an inside blood stain,

Don’t know what to do constantly hiding away as two, 

Yet if I’d solidify into a solid metal,

Remain and the impurities go by with a sigh.


Oh I’ll end this habit tomorrow just let me finish it off today,

Oh tomorrow oh tomorrow,

Always just a thought,

Never to arrive at the true Spot.  


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Posted (edited)

Blown yourself up like a balloon,

Infinite Mind! 
What a fucked up joke,

Which many choke.


Come back down to your Boundless Body,

Duality is no more then a thought, 

The waves of “what is” drift away,

Reality fade to clarity.


At The Heart, 

Neither is seen,

Not a dreaming mind,

Or a seemingless body. 

Edited by Loop


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Truth, “Truth”, truth.  

Good now it’s just a jumble of meaningless symbols 😆


Thoughts are not really let go of, they just leave when you realize what you are creating. 
Just Seeing, noticing that yes that is a thought.


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Expose yourself, dig into the guts of who you think you are, leave nothing left unturned. 

I sit here and I laugh and I laugh. 

Your doing it 🫲*slap* 

Wakey wakey you big fool. 

“Do you want what you want or do you want to be happy”

If you understand you are doing it, this is one of the greatest wake up slaps. 


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Posted (edited)

Just sitting there laughing is the best medicine, laugh all the beliefs away. 

I am not attached to thoughts, the thoughts are attached to Me.
Obsessed with destruction they are, 

They all wanna die rather then face a little cry. 

Well good because you are already aren’t,

I am Me, I am Me,
Meet Feeling at the Heart.


Edited by Loop


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I am able access the substrate of the mental prison, 

Seeing all those decisions, 

Who is the one who makes the choice,

To attend to this or that?


I just do it,

It happens on its own,

The itch of emotions,

Shows you wheres the zone,

It cleans itself.


Be what you are, 

Not what happened afar.



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You can’t see through the illusion, who would hahaha! 
That is the illusion!!! 
You are making it up fool!


The present is pretty close,

But until you open your Gift,

You’ll keep up the lift, 

Your feet can’t touch the ground.



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Projection is a projection,

The do-er is doing the do-er,

Escaping the mind go in towards the collapse, 

Not out into some concept,

What comes comes,

And what goes goes, 

Gracefully without concern.


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