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Why does Unconsciousness Happen?


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At moments during the day there is full Awareness of Awareness. 


Yet it feels a bit like a muscle that can only be flexed for so long. 


Like during the day Ill be very mindful and attentive, yet theres a kind of slingshot effect where I am so mindful in the morning that the temptation to go Unconscious gets so high. 


Like ill be super meditative in the morning but then the slingshot effect happens and then in the evening im overeating, watching movies, etc. 


Why is this? 


Also why does it take focus in order to be Meditative? I think you guys may know what it means, like theres effort involved in watching the breath and staying focused on focus. 


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The simplest answer is thoughts which are about identity which aren’t true and feel appropriately untrue, and the finite mind’s aversion to the truth of the discord. (Beliefs about identity). The aversion is away from the feeling of certain self referential thoughts, and toward the sensations correlated with the relief of certain pleasurable experiences. The relief doesn’t come from the experiences, but seems to. The relief is felt when attention is taken from the discordant thoughts… but seems to be coming from the pleasurable experiences, like taste or watching a movie.  The aversion transpires as away from the discordant thoughts, and though the discord & therein truth of the thoughts is felt, the aversion then becomes the very claim that this is not the case. ‘Unconsciousness’ is then used to mask, veil, cover up or ‘be the reason’ for the experience of the aversion. 


Unconsciousness exists, happens or is experienced only from the perspective of the separate self appropriating consciousness into dualistic form as consciousness & unconsciousness, as if the separate self were prior to consciousness and aware of or conscious of consciousness and could rightfully make this claim. It’s like the question why does sleep happen. The only answer is the continued investigation of direct experience (of the duality of sleep & wake) with respect to the claim, resulting in what is true & actual being unobscured by the investigation of the thoughts / belief. Then what’s inevitably found is there isn’t a me and sleep, or a me and consciousness / awareness or a me and unconsciousness / unawareness. Ultimately there isn’t the ‘me’ of me and overeating, me and watching movies, me that is awareness of awareness, me that is mindful and attentive, or tempted to go unconscious. 


It sounds like in the morning the activity of thought is allowed to settle and awareness is unobscured by thought. Then at some point in the day the appropriation occurs via first believing the discordant thoughts about a separate self. A sep self which is in time, isn’t ‘itself’ awareness, and for whom there are ‘moments of ‘full’ awareness of awareness’. This ‘hijacking’ of the infinite Self, via un-inspected thoughts of a separate self & the discord therein, is ‘rectified’ by fleeting pleasurable experiences like overeating & watching movies. Overeating & watching movies are not inherently discordant experiences. The discord, tension, effort in focusing & watching is actually the discord of the thoughts rooted in false identity, the ‘sep self’ of a past, and not the activities or actual self of the present. The activities are a relief of the discord of the thoughts, just like meditation. Notice meditation is never believed to be in a past or future, and the separate self of thought is only ever ‘in’ a past or future… never in the present. 



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"I'm so present !

I'm so unconscious right now.

I'm so conscious during my day!

i can't stay present ..."

Those are all thoughts.  I really enjoy playing with it.

When thought appears "OMG, i'm so helpless, i should be present, and i'm in thoughts again..."

you can recognize it as thought/let it go. Or play with it and "think" something different like: 

"omg, i'm so good, i'm so present and i don't care about thoughts at all!!" 


and see that it doesn't matter what content of thought seems to be, it doesn't change what you are/present moment.


from consciousness standpoint, it doesn't matter what you focus your attention on, thoughts and You is the same substance... 


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A less existential & simpler approach would be to engage in anything else which feels good for you to engage in. As in because you actually do enjoy it, vs derive the feeling better from the activity or substance. 


Also, question the conditions / thoughts that there is unconsciousness… as opposed to starting from that there is unconsciousness and questioning how it happens. 


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