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Rupert Spira Misunderstanding Conscious Creating Slightly?

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Hey all, 


What's your thoughts on this. 


To me, it seems Rupert has slightly misunderstood LOA due to it going mainstream and losing its spiritual essence, that of course comes from & is source. 


Its a shame, because I feel from being on Ruperts webinars several times, a lot of his followers would really benefit from true LOA & Conscious Creating, and I don't see why a lot of Non-Dual teachers make it out to be either / or, when in reality it is literally both!


However, he does mention the law of infinite abundance and that the Universe has no lack & his teacher Francis Lucille has spoken about this plenty of times, and his quote that 'Everything is spiritual, once you stop comparing material / spiritual, only then will you understand true abundance' was amazing. 


Personally, I think Rupert is trying to distance himself from the connotations & negativity around certain LOA teachers / Gurus.


Here's the video- 



I just wanted to also thank @nahm  along with my own 'teachers' he's been by far the best at 'combining' these two worlds, and showing in fact they are one & the same, and that both 'paths' will eventually lead to each other.

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 I don't think that Rupert intended to distance himself from LOA but from the way I'd assume that most LOA skeptics will interpret the example of Rhonda he gave, it does unfortunately seem to be dismissing and putting beneath of something that many of his followers would benefit enormously from no longer dismissing. I don't think it's a misunderstanding but a knowing your audience thing, which to be fair, is sort of impossible anyway. If I was talking to someone who was totally invested in believing LOA, I might say that there's no such thing. If I was talking to a bunch of solely nonduality people I'd really point out noticing LOA at play.


Someone that dismisses healthy eating and its effect on wellbeing would benefit from actually opening their mind to trying out cleaning up their diet and experiencing how they feel, but someone who is obsessed with clean eating would benefit from letting go the belief that their happiness is tied to what they consume. Disbelief and belief, are both beliefs. 


The concern I have is that it seems to potentially accidently, confirm the belief that nonduality is above or more advanced than law of attraction. Love Rupert, still love Rupert, just wish we could all come together a bit more is all. 

 Youtube Channel  

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@Mandy Yeah, I get why he's done it, I actually googled Rupert Spira LOA or something similar, and some Reddit forum was kicking off at him even doing a Podcast with Rhonda haha as they see that as 'less than' Non-Duality, which is perhaps ironic. 


I think (not for Rupert) it does highlight that a lot of these Non-Dual communities see themselves as superior or beyond a lot of things. 


For example, I remember the amount of people on Actualized who were talking about radical awakenings, psychedelics yet couldn't hold a job, were terribly unhealthy & had a myriad of other issues. Diving into an olympic swimming pool from a 100M board before you've even stepped in the baby pool it seemed to me. 


Its a shame, because in my experience, the whole journey has shown that the 'awakening' is literally chapter 1 as Rupert puts it haha, and that's where the real journey begins. 


But, yeah, would be awesome if we could all come together a little more instead of these tribal sub wars we seem to have, although I've defo been guilty of it in the past. 


Then again, Ruperts teacher Francis talks about the law of infinite abundance, and Rupert mentions a similar universal law in that video, so maybe it is just semantics. 


It could also be that traditionally Non-Duality was seen as very life denying, instead of Tantric & Life affirming, especially in the past, so it will take a while to move past that into a more holistic approach that the likes of Nahm speak of. 


However, to play devils advocate a lot of mainstream LOA youtubers or 'Gurus' do tend to focus on what would stereotypically be material abundance or 'Stage Orange' because that is where most of society is at, and what will pull in the most views, not that financial abundance shouldn't be enjoyed by 'awakened beings' just that its coming from a place of 'I want this car and then I'll be happy', instead of the dreamboard approach which comes from happiness, love etc! 

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On 7/29/2022 at 12:52 PM, Phil said:


Great to ‘see’ ya here and thanks for the kind words!

It’s just @Phil here btw. 🙂


I wonder if this is clarifying… loa is prior to & attracts  the pointer / pointing to nonduaility, while what the pointing of nonduality actually points to is prior to loa. 


Aka, it all blends together 😉 

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