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Aim, overshoot, re-aim...


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That's life.

A zig-zag of constant aiming and overshooting - because you don't know anything, and then you learn along the way and discover that you went too far into one direction. So you aim at the other direction, hoping to get closer to your goal, but you're still ignorant and bound and limited in your knowledge and capabilities.

And so you overshoot once again, but not quite as much.  And again, you hit a wall, you've gone too far.

Take aim once more, but this time, know that you can overshoot, and make your way through the unknown, colonize it with what you do know, find out that your map is off, adapt, learn, change, die, replace, grow. Overshoot. Re-aim. Overshoot. Re-aim. Etc.


I've observed this pattern in my life, and I believe that this only works properly when you do it consicously.

Otherwise you're not aiming, but stumbling through the darkness, bumping your head against the walls that were errected by your own ignorance. 


I'm still overshooting. Still missing the mark, still "sinning" (Hamartia, ἁμαρτία). 


Trying to find my way, trying to find the way, trying to accord with that, with which one cannot accord, for one has never deviated. 


Ever noticed this?

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I hear that. 🙂 That’s how the universe expands. What’s next arises in the mind so to speak, and then manifests ‘in the flesh’.  If there’s experience that ’in between’ or Middle will always experientially be. Put another way, there is belief and there is direct experience.


In the self referential sense, could soften up on that ‘over’ shooting. It is because you are infinite and eternal that it must be this way. 

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On 7/25/2022 at 5:59 PM, Indisguise said:

Ever noticed this?



You learn to ride the skateboard quite fast when you're willing to overshoot and fall on your butt. The most important part is getting back up and facing the fear of falling again. And if necessary, falling again. Doesn't mean failing, though.

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