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What Is Letting Go.

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What Is (awareness, consciousness, You)… letting go (of discord). 


Esther Hicks has an insightful analogy for this. She says every thought is like a stick, and What Is can focus on either end of each stick. 


At one end, there is the absence of what is wanted. That might sound like I can’t, it’s not possible, it’s not going to work out, there isn’t enough, or specifics of lack or shortage. This end of the stick might also be self referential thoughts, of undeserved-ness or unworthiness. 


To let go of the discordant end of the stick, she suggests ‘going more general’, which I express as ‘zooming out’. This naturally allows some relief, some space around what one was ‘zoomed in’ on. This allows more clarity, that it was just one end of the stick one was focused on. This allows appreciation, as one is allowing the appreciation of realizing, that one was zoomed in on the discordant end of the stick. Truly letting go of the discordant end can also be the admittance & recognition of not knowing. Not knowing what will happen, how things will happen, etc. 


At the other end of the stick, is alignment. The having of it, that it can be, that it is possible, that you are deserving, that you are worthy. The alignment attracts. The alignment is alignment with, as, the creator that you are. 



Maybe this brings some ‘sticks’ to mind that you might be willing to share as examples of.

If you take a minute to try this… what did you find?

Was there relief & alignment felt in the ‘zooming out’?

Maybe more clarity on ‘letting go’, and how to go about letting go?

Some resonating in ‘picking up’ the aligned end of the stick?

Some eagerness, enthusiasm, excitement…?  



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2 hours ago, Phil said:

Truly letting go of the discordant end can also be the admittance & recognition of not knowing. Not knowing what will happen, how things will happen, etc. 

@Phil If this applies to discordant thoughts, wouldnt it also apply to aligned thoughts? We really dont know what will happen, so how can I think that the aligned end of the stick is going to happen? Make sense?


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@Phil it is all about what! 


Letting go and forgiveness are the same! 


When thoughts arise that are discordant, recognizing the stillness that I am allows equanimity, and the thought naturally is loved, as in allowed to be freed from conflict/trying to be right/trying to overcome. 


It's so obvious, letting go is simply no longer being in conflict with oneself.


Holding on to discord is actually a result of trying to separate/create space between/overcome/destroy.....discord. 

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Culadasa expands on 'letting go', his phrase is 'let it come, let it be, let it go'. Suggesting that these things want space to express themselves and to be felt in awareness before they're ready to go. 


What if the self-referential and discordant thoughts are symptoms of some old, buried, non-verbalised trauma? The hurt coming out via these apparently random, micro-aggressive thoughts?   Maybe if we pay attention and watch with patient compassion we will notice the feeling that's generating the thought. 

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@Eothasian Like a child tests their parent, to check they are really loved ... oh boy yes that's  true! I sure know it. 

It reminds me of a therapy called Transactional Analysis, using a model of Parent, Adult and Child. The parent and adult, standing with the child. Then, when the child feels secure love, he/she can 'let go' of dependency and fear. 

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