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How to integrate radical realizations?


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This question is to those who have integrated these radical realizations. How did you integrate moments of direct consciousness of "identity and reality are constructed" and "Existence/Truth/Infinity"? How did your process look like?


My mind seems to have gone into avoiding that which I got conscious of one year ago during my last two trips. Currently, I can easily dissociate (=distance myself) from me and the world (Depersonalization & Derealization), and I recognize that it's a protection/coping mechanism by the mind. When I attempt to integrate these insights, it is too radical and threatening to incorporate into my map of reality. Of course, the mind can't understand and grasp.

Is it an error to try to integrate it on a personal level? (kinda like assuming the "the map doesn't exist" fits on a map)


Much love.

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I already asked this to other people and their responses already resonated, "feeling rather than understanding" and "it already works through you and arises naturally, no active part needed".


@Orb Living it while doing the dishes for example 😉 A realization I had was of me being a creator who has desires arising and then keeps sailing in that direction, no matter what oceanic storms are met along the way (like scary barking dogs or limiting beliefs). They are dealt with, and then I move on towards the destination which is already in my heart. It has a magical feeling to it. And I kinda integrated it: The desire for strawberries comes up and I go along the way till the destination. This magical feeling accompanies all of that.

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@Embrace got it, and nice! 


Integration is a natural process free from the (seeming) control of the separate self thought activity. 


This means that Integration is already happening, and doesn't need to be done by you me or anyone. 


The thought "how do I integrate this?" Is like thinking "how do I breathe?". 


The discord is coming from thoughts arising that imply something has to be done/integrated, when it is already happening.


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