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Our Experiences Of Love Experiment

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I've been working on a bit of a side project just for fun really where I've been trying to collate a variety of audio clips from people about their differing experiences of love. I'd thought of putting it all together somehow and at some point, but not sure how yet.


Some of it has been really beautiful and I've been amazed just how brutally honest people have been. The idea was that I provide a series of questions. The individual reads the question to themselves and then records their response to the question. The "listener" will not get to hear the question, just the answer. I thought I'd share a few here. I've put some really gentle music behind each as well which helps set the tone. Some of the audio might not sound too great as some people have recorded on their phones and with poor quality mics.


These people are not actors and haven't been told what to say. They are just random people that responded to an advert I put out....



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1 hour ago, Lotus said:

Aw man, that's so beautiful.


It's amazing just how brutally honest and open some of these people were. When I was listening back to them it felt almost a bit intrusive because they were so intimate. 


They're so diverse. Some really happy, some really sad, some really profound and some of them just make you fill up with joy (like the first one!) It started as a bit of an art project that's fallen by the wayside a bit, but I'd love to collate them altogether at some point. 


Thanks 🙏

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@Nowt Wow, pretty cool. My most fav is #1 to me it has the best music and I liked what she had to say, then next for me is #3, then #2, then #4 for various reasons. 


#1 music in the beginning sorta reminds me a bit of the beginning of this song, which I always loved since I was a kid-



You're a thought. Do you think a thought is going to occupy 'no thought'.

The 'changeless' can be realized only when the 
ever-changing thought-flow stops.

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10 hours ago, Nowt said:

When I was listening back to them it felt almost a bit intrusive because they were so intimate. 

Yup, I felt the same! The bittersweet honesty really gets under your skin - that's what I appreciated most about the recordings.

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@Faith Thanks! I wasn't going to put any music under them at first, but I'm glad I did. That first one is my favourite too. She was wonderful. 


I love that song too. I can remember being obsessed with it as a kid too! I used to listen to it on my Dad's record player and pretend I was Jeff Lynne! I always loved the "doo wap" bits in the chorus 😍

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