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Feeling Good Doing Things that are First Resisted


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We commonly hear people say to just "do it" when it comes to life. But from listening to feeling its quite discordant to try and do things I dont wanna do. 


But the weird thing is that when I begin things I didnt want to do and follow through with it, I actually end up enjoying it and feeling way better. 


Sometimes ill take one small step forward despite the resistance and I end up feeling relief. 


Does it all go full circle, do I actually want to do the things I dont want to do?


I dont want to do: Laundy, studying, cleaning up, etc. Yet when I do these things I feel better. 


Some clarity is appreciated!


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Most people think that they don't want the process, they want the end result. Here, you might be asking this question to figure out how to be an effective happy person who always knows what to do. But your feeling guidance is always now, always is the process. The thought is being responded to, not the action. For example, "I ate this donut for breakfast and now I feel bad." Feels bad. The current focus is on past action that was wrong, and my current focus/judgement of my bad feeling, which, of course,  feels bad. That the feeling guidance is responding to the thought will be missed as long as we are believing the bad feeling is caused by the donut. Donut=thought. When we recognize this, we might drop the subject and enjoy our morning, or maybe we go buy healthy ingredients for lunch, dinner and tomorrow's breakfast. 


Similarly, when you are continually thinking "I am lazy", "I can't get the results I want because I won't do the work", "I don't want to do the work", it's missed that the bad feeling is not because these things are true, but because of our focus on them. So in jumping up to start the work, we let go of thoughts about the self who is wrong. 

In taking action, we let go of thoughts about ourselves being bad for not taking action and thoughts of doubt of whether or not we should take action, thoughts that feel bad when focused on. The thought is being responded to with feeling, not the action or lack of action. So it's not that taking action feels better, it's that you dropped thoughts in the taking of your action. Now thought is focused on that particular sentence it's studying, or the road on the way to the supermarket to buy healthy food, etc. 


People take advantage of this and taking action becomes a way to avoid feeling. This is how workaholism, environmental destruction, wars being enacted through armies of people simply following orders, etc is possible. Align your thinking, then take action. When you take action realize that it's not the additional action that good feeling comes "from", it's the lack of resistance thought. 

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