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I just saw this on a website where Advaita Vedanta was being discussed. I loved the quote and wanted to share it....


How to find your sentient immovable identity?
Well let’s look for it......


Am I in outer life? Nah, beyond the skull is cacophony — not still, timeless or me.

Am I my conscious thoughts? Nah, Thoughts are about things not no-thingness.

Am I my emotions? Constantly changing and skewing the intellect — nope.

Am I the ego? Me be a ghost in the goop works? Ew.

Am I my core axioms of morality? Nah, they evolve, devolve, and dissolve.

Am I my intuition? Nah, that conniving self serving hunch-machine is often wrong.

Am I a soul? Maybe for 154 billion trillion years, but then it would become a bore.

Am I the universe? A mere fleeting event! Big Bang was a firecracker.

Am I the whole of creation? Who wants to be merely half divine?

Am I God? The job is already taken.

Am I the witness of ALL THIS? Only until it ain’t.

Am I? Why limit myself?

Am? Just a titch too is-ish. But close. Nice try!

_____? Very close but a bit too question-markish.

_____ Good attempt. Just gotta dump the blank-ish part.

() Null sets are for nerds. But I like how they think about nothing.


None of the above.

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