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Simple Model of Feeling Good


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Viewing it from an "energetic" point of view its all about the flow of life's energy. 


When we don't sit and rest(meditation), we don't have the base for our new creation. 


When we have something special to share with others but don't, we often feel unheard and the energy flow is blocked.


When we have shared but forget the importance of resting to let the energy recycle itself, we often feel restless.


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Examples of rest: 


-Daily meditation 




Examples of sharing:


-Making an impact on the world


-Having a social life


Examples of creating:


-pretty self explanatory...just anything created

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I like it. I'd also maybe add in inspiration, and exploration, but it's sort of the same as rest, or a kind of resting in awareness. For example, getting inspiration for art from a walk on the beach, a movie, a vacation, looking at art etc. I think that also makes space for synchronicity and a kind of wordless guidance for what we want to create. 

 Youtube Channel  

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@Mandy @Loop thanks guys for the support! 


Work in progress, pretty much testing it on myself to watch how it works and feel for subtleties and stuff. 


The inspiration of this model came out of nowhere, now I'm applying it.


I'll be making updates here with insights pertaining to it.


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