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With a little scrutiny and inspection / introspection perhaps, it can be seen clearly the one spoken of doesn’t exist. Boundless creativity, inspiration and energy if you will are therein unfettered. There are ‘clues’ in regard to this obscuring via thoughts, this ‘second’ or ‘separate’ self of thought, and it’s arguably easiest to see visually in writing, like how “I feel like I” is an interpretation of a nonexistent multiplicity of perspective. It’s exactly the same as “Phil feels listless”. 


With a pinch more intricacy, “I feel like nothing comes to my mind” can be seen to be a concept about the true nature, nothing, and a concept which seems to support the sep self of thoughts, via my mind, opening the door if you will to additional ‘layers’ of dualistic belief such as want & need and or good & bad “things”.


Of course, nothing is incompatible with something (things).  


Meditation unfetters. Works perfectly and is entirely unnecessary. 


The simplest sure fire ‘approach’ is expressing appreciation & gratitude and disappearing into nature for a bit. Probably the best possible use the money, given the confusion. There is literally no limit or means in regard to money to come. 

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