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How to cope with the emotion of disappointment?


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I feel disappointed in this world and how there's very little compassion in this world for anyone who is struggling. Everyday I read situations in the news and everywhere else where I see negativity and people doing things that upset someone else's growth. Just overall hopelessness. I obviously feel powerless in changing things. But how should I cope with this emotion of disappointment?


So basically I'm an autistic INFJ BPD sigma Pisces female with anger and CPTSD issues. Wow wow. 

My plate looks full. I Couldn't have been weirder than that. Now I get why I'm so idiosyncratic. 

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Disappointment is very informing in its inherent offness which suggests a reconsideration of a conceptual worldview. 


Overwhelment is a little ‘closer to the body’ than the far-off-ness of a worldview and also reveals much about the worldview. 


Frustration, irritation & impatience is even less conceptual or ‘out there’ thinking & conceptualizing wise and is even more intimate, bodily & visceral. 


Pessimism is most insightful as it’s revealing of specific aspects of the worldview which feel off and the offness felt is guidance in that the worldview isn’t in accordance with or in alignment with the true nature. 


Boredom isn’t quite yet the unexpected intrinsic empowerment but it is a relief in that it’s a letting go of and a liberation from pessimism. It’s like an emptied space which now the very substance of thoughts can fill. 


Contentment is much more fulfilling as it’s entirely rooted in non-aversion, non-judgement & direct experience. Being aware of perception & sensation is always ample and yet is only ever possible presently. Contentment is most clarifying in terms of the reality of a worldview. 


With what was felt to be discordant let go, and the true nature therein arises like it does, natural  effortless hopefulness fills in with a real taste of the reassurance which was previously sought in a (conceptual) worldview. 


With discordant thoughts let go, emptied, and now, present with ‘just direct experience’ & nothing conceptually added, the unfettered true nature of presence continues to float like a cork, filling in & notably sweeter, fuller & pleasantly more pronounced. 


Now there is no mistaking the significance of what was sought - feeling. With feeling first, thoughts naturally arise indicative of the richness and limitlessness of being. Thoughts about what is possible & that this is going to go great in communion with your true nature arise and are undeniably evidentiary of the truth of the nature of being. 


As it inevitably dawns that being is synonymous with creator, filled with and as the true nature of, concerns & worries fall away as positive expectation, beliefs and optimism are enjoyed. 


Naturally one therein is looking forward to whats to come and relishing in the right-now-ness of the unfolding of what’s wanted. The pure magic movie just for one.  Via effortless focus, what resonates is focused upon as deeper & deeper alignment & momentum are enjoyed. In no time one is inevitably so consumed with inspiration, one is at a loss as to what could have ever seemed so concerning and worthy of sacrificing alignment & momentum for. 


One can be thankful & appreciative allowing the feeling of deep gratitude for the disappointment which paved the way and perhaps more so, for the real-time guidance that is never at a loss to uplift. One is back in tune, back in touch, basking in the self-abundance and empowerment previously looked for outside of oneself, as oneself. 



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