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Menstrual cycles and hormones

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I’ve been realizing that my “doomsday mood” is quite related to my cycle - close to my period it gets more and more “doomsday-y”, and I really hate the last 2-3 days before my period.


I was wondering if anyone feels the same way? Is there any information you could please share? How to manage it? How to understand it?


Also this is another reason why I hate working in a corporate world. None of women’s physiology is taken into consideration.. I’ve been applying for jobs in US and also the maternity leave there is 14 weeks for most companies - how sick is that? 

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If and when you can, treat it with the honor and reverence so to speak that you would a psychedelic trip, slow down, don't expect to do a whole lot, get curious about what comes up. There also seems to be a trend of the more you ignore stuff that comes up the entire 28 days the more it hits all at once then. 


The entire population, not just childbearing age females experience cycles, often seemingly coinciding with new moons or full moons, and even yearly solstices as well. These are times when what we typically do to avoid or delay feeling and letting go no longer work as well. 

 Youtube Channel  

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