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The Importance of Goal Setting


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Pretty much a video that goes deeper into conscious creating would be appreciated!


Kinda like a microscopic level explanation of goal setting and actually making stuff happen.


We got the dreamboard, and that's kinda like the macro level of goal setting, knowing what you want, what's the microscopic aspect of conscious creation? 🤔


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Always would love more on creating. I love using intentions and focus, visualization, and daydreaming over goal setting. "Goal" just seems to be less than satisfying word with expectations the the duality of success and failure implied.


God I love etymology.


goal (n.)

1530s, "end point of a race," of uncertain origin. It appears once before this (as gol), in a poem from early 14c. and with an apparent sense of "boundary, limit." Perhaps from Old English *gal "obstacle, barrier," a word implied by gælan "to hinder" and also found in compounds (singal, widgal). That would make it a variant or figurative use of Middle English gale "a way, course." Also compare Old Norse geil "a narrow glen, a passage." Or from Old French gaule "long pole, stake," which is from Germanic. Sports sense of "place where the ball, etc. is put to score" is attested from 1540s. Figurative sense of "object of an effort" is from 1540s. https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=goal


No end, no barriers, no effort. 





 Youtube Channel  

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@Mandy Goal setting is all about intention and focus though, i dont mean to imply success or failure. 


By goal setting I really mean the microscopic level of conscious creation if that makes sense. 


I think it can be quite nice to have a big goal and accomplish it. Life is all about completing goals imo. 


Pretty much what the dreamboard is, but the dreamboard is like the "big picture" form of goal setting. 


Ah idek what video I'm suggesting anymore, I just wanna hear more conscious creation stuff 😁.

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