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Big metal fan over here, obviously.


Yes, it is great for emptying, it is great for expressing all kinds of emotions. Exploring and entertaining all kinds of philosophies.


It's not necessarily always about anger or violence or depression. Metal does not exist only in lower realms. It goes way up high, as well.


It goes into territory not many, if any other genres go. Listening to metal can easily be a 'transcendal experience'. Not to mention just how insightful and moving the lyrics can get.

Metal is easily one of the rawest, realest and truest genres out there.


Metal can be a friend. A real one. A parent, even. A guide. A protector.


Music in general is just so cool it really cannot be put into words. And of course, there are all kinds of genres out there, that are each awesome in their own way. Just thought of giving metal a little extra love.


Here's a couple of epic ones, that are communicating 'the message' loud and clear:


I'm submerged in filth, fragmented chaos
In chrysalis state i await my birth
Thoughts and memories proceed to haunt me
Soon all these fragments will be gone


Morphing begins
I'm becoming a god


Birth is nothing but death's beginning


Now as my soul is yearning
Morph to new paradigms
Find wisdom in the learning
My will always finds a way


See the embers burning
Sense no dividing line
Same being, dead or living
My will burns through time


This being feeds within now
To be born, be alive
Feed inside
Its presence goes beyond life
Fate will follow the mind

You could raise the dead
With those terribly troublesome eyes
Maybe you'll always be bad
Maybe you'll always be the same


Are you alone, locked inside
That prison in your head?
You walk through the crowd
Lost in the sound
Invisible to every passing eye

A lie, what once I was, obsolete instrument
An outmoded contraption, a malfunctioning device


That callous self now extinguished, that malignant self now disused
That conceited invention to nothing now reduced


Complete disintegration, the destruction of me now imperative
To purge myself of this condition, complete this dissolution a necessity


Break this deceitful machine

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Death... really deserves it's own thread haha! Chuck Schuldiner was easily one of the greatest ever to walk these grounds. So much love.

Lies feed your judgement of others
Behold how the blind lead each other


The philosopher
You know so much about nothing at all

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Posted (edited)

Gods of technical death metal right here. Doesn't get much better than this. From start to finish, the entire record is just a pure masterpiece. Untouchable. Gold.

One of my all time favourites.


If it is to be only
An element of a whole
To hide behind others
And form the eclipse of mind


Ignominious and pale


If it were to one
Having nothing to tell
This would equal
A state of being the one


Ignominious and pale

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I'm giving you real gems here folks, pay close attention!


Next up is this ridiculously good Thrash band from the future called Vektor. I mean, everything is just insanely good. But those vocals man... at times the dude sounds like an alien squirrel or something. Such unique vocals. 

Just fire. Pure fire.


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Now this is where things get super interesting. Mystical. Transcendental.


At this point, one must ask themselves... is this even metal? Is this even music? Or is this just straight up God, not even trying to hide?


If there is future these three dudes are it. They are really pushing the limits of what's musically and (in)humanly possible. Instrumental only, of course. No messy lyrics getting in the way, trying to distract you from feeling the sheer epicness and wonder of this incredible music.


It takes an incredibly well trained ear, and much, much more than that, for one to be able to really hear and appreciate this band. 


Behold... One of the greatest progressive metal bands ever...


Animals As Leaders 


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