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I realise it's not System 1 and System 2. I thought it was but I got it wrong. There are two modes of thinking - continuous and discrete. Discrete thoughts are the ones you can see easily as words or images. The continuous thoughts are the ones that run everything. I can never see them. Discrete thought can copy them. But only after the continuous thoughts have said it. It's the weirdest thing because continuous thought had already said it. Continuous thought, seems, from what I see, runs everything, including discrete thought. It's very easy to see. I thought I was right before. But I thought about again, because I'm obviously so smart (that's a joke - I'm an idiot), and System.1 and System 2 are born from interactions between continuous and discrete thought. 

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One thing I think is true is that reality is content and structure. I specifically say "Him" when I speak of God. But it is of no disrespect to the feminity of reality. Content is the feminine. In the monotheistic religions God is considered masculine. In my perspective, this is because most of religion is explicitly focused on structure. It's all about karma and sin - rules for life. But the Feminine transcends all of that. God states who experiences what. But 'Mary' is always there - humble, pure, truthful, asking for no credit or recommendation. The feminine requires no order. She is the content. They are nothing without each other. Together they are the totality of existence. "He" is the lines and "She" is the colour. They are nothing without each other. Unfortunately, She doesn't get the credit most of the time. And I can't currently figure of this is allegorical but it parallels humanity. Women and content have been left behind in our mega-hierarchirs. But Mary and Mary (I don't think that's a coincidence) have to stand by while Christ is crucified. They are crucified as well, having to watch the greatest man (in my estimation) who ever existed, be tortured and murdered. But the feminine asks nothing of structure. She is quietly the passion in the punch. She is the content of experience. The Father can speak all of order, and I fear and respect Him, but she is what is felt. That's the best I've got. Besides all that, my point is that, the Feminine cannot be inferior to the Masculine. Content has no structure. Red is not superior or inferior to blue. Any idea that it is is.structure. Reality, in my pathetic opinion, is a marriage between the masculine and the feminine. The Father punishes me, but the Feminine is the sting of the whip. It doesn't elude that I would be whipped or killed for writing this in many countries. But that's because more and more of human reality is.becoming about structure. About the Masculine. But the Feminine goes nowhere. They are both only and always the totality of existence. I genuinely believe that nothing about all of the story of the cruciciftion of Christ is without perfect relevance. It means so many things. 

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