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Standing in line for the restroom


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This sounds like a really mundane, little thing, but I keep thinking about, so I suspect there's something much bigger here, and if I consider the small manifestation it would be easier than with a larger one. 


Yesterday we went to see the eclipse and the outlook where we stopped to view it happened to have a lodge across the road that opened up their restrooms to the public and sold food and eclipse glasses. There were only two restrooms and a ton of people and a long time to wait before the big event. I went to use the one downstairs and the whole room was a conference room set up with card tables, people playing cards and comfy leather chairs and a big tv screen playing information about eclipses and one single bathroom at the back.


There was no line for the restroom so I went to open the door and a man sitting in a chair said there was someone in there and I said thanks, so I stood outside the door and waited. As soon as the person using it came out he jumped up ahead of me and went in. 


At the time I was surprised as I didn't consider that he was waiting to use the restroom. I really like clearly formed lines, and good communication and knowing what's going on at a glance. 😆 I would also LIKE to be more relaxed, relaxed enough that I could sit in a comfy seat waiting for a restroom to open up at a time like that when there's lots of demand for restrooms. I'm jealous of that confidence but I can't imagine not waiting for the one person who was standing in line, when I wasn't clearly waiting for the restroom. I'm not really sure I want to add to that or that it would turn out well to add to that. 


The thoughts also keeps coming up that I see men doing this sort of thing all the time but almost never see women doing it. 


Also that LOA does not honor lines in fairness yet is Fair. 








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@Rose Canada. 


I realized the question was about being too good to take the last Salisbury steak at the buffet, believing in limitation. And that I didn't really want the Salisbury steak, I want to take feeling good over needing a manifestation or circumstance to be the reason why I feel good. The stand off. That's really it. Feels so much better. Narratives about men and women and how they are were getting all confused.


It's always the same question. Permission to not ask permission to feel better.


Also the dude literally eclipsed the restroom. 😂😆🤣

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