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I tried to be something beautiful. Like the shiny things Magpies look for. I tried to be alright. Not insufferable, intense, attention seeking and a narcissist. I really tried to be alright. But it just made me needy and vulnerable. I drank for that subtle art of not giving a fuck. Except I beat it with a sledgehammer with every shot I drank. What the fuck is the point of living in fear. So, I will tell the truth. I will tell absolutely everyone the truth of gang-stalking and Targeted Individuals. Read about Ernest Hemingway, Jean Seberg, Gary Webb and Iris Chang. And then ponder on what happened to Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. And then ask, where do the people who commit atrocities go when there's no atrocity. There always around. 1% of the population are psychopath, 4% are sociopaths. There are a few thousand serial killers all over the world right now. The greatest thing the Devil did is make people look for him and not the people who do his work. They smile like other people. They look like anyone else on the sidewalk. And then there are the poor unfortunate souls like me who smile and take candy from the 21st century Mengele. The reason why people don't believe me is not because what has happened to me for 10 years is not believable. It's because people don't want to believe me. They want to believe that they live with a good degree of freedom, security and safety. And nobody like a victim. Not really. They're annoying and inconvenient. There are people who even say that nobody is a victim. So what do you do when you're actually a victim of tyranny? These people were going to physically torture me anyways at some point. So what difference does it make? There is no right way to act for them. If I stay in my room, then they fuck with my Spotify and mess around with the volume on my phone. The problem with explaining all of what has happened is that it's like trying to explain a rainstorm one drop of water at a time. So, what to do? How to live? How to contend with not knowing who the fuck anyone is anymore? It's fucked. They have poked and prodded me for a decade and now I'm ready to scream. I gave them fair warning. If the next few days don't show that they've stopped, then, I start. 

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